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Oblong’s mission is to increase our ability to collaborate with one another through visualization, and that’s just what founder John Underkoffler and his team have done. Oblong’s designers, programmers, and hardware engineers create spatial, networked, multi-user, multi-screen, and multi-device computing environments. Oblong’s technology platform brings data sets, workspaces, and communication channels to life across multiple screens. It allows interaction from any number or type of input devices simultaneously, including touch screens, phones, and tablets. And it frees the user from sitting in one place, tied to one device.


Mezzanine — This state-of-the-art, 3D. visual collaboration platform motivates your workforce to share information and solve problems collaboratively. Mezzanine is a real-time, multi-screen, collaborative data-sharing environment. Learn more in the Mezzanine brochure. And in this video, see why it’s superior collaboration for the enterprise.

See how Mezzanine improves collaboration across markets and applications:

Oblong wants its customers to embrace the future of work, and it shows what that means  for you in this brief video on Infopresence.

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