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For nearly 100 years, Tannoy has been an industry leader in loudspeaker design and audio quality. The company may be most well known for its Dual-Concentric driver, which puts high and low frequency drivers on the same axis. The result is a superior listening experience delivered by Tannoy’s loudspeakers.

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AMS 6DC is Tannoy’s 6″ dual-concentric surface-mount loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installations.

  • 80 watts continuous
  • 300 watts peak
  • Weather-resistant to IP65

VLS 15 is a passive column array loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installations. It’s certified for fire detection and fire alarm systems, and has a low insertion loss 150 W line transformer.

  • 200 watts continuous
  • 800 watts peak
  • Weather-resistant to IP65
  • 7 vertically arrayed 3.5” low frequency drivers provide high intelligibility speech reproduction
  • 8 vertically arrayed 1″ high frequency metal dome tweeters for full range sound up to 35 kHz

VXP 12 is a 12″ dual concentric powered sound reinforcement loudspeaker for installation and portable applications.

  • Integrated LAB GRUPPEN IDEEA Class-D Amplification
  • 100 Watts of power
  • Tightly controlled 90º dispersion for optimum coverage and forward projection
  • Switchable full range or high pass filter operation