Command and Control Centers


Regardless of the industry, command and control centers should give your staff valuable insight into company assets that they can act upon. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, our Control Room Group (CRG) combines its wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience to deliver the environment and experience you require.

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Workplace Trends

  • Advanced visualization and simulation for training purposes
  • Aggregation of industry news and social media
  • Geoscientists use 3D visualization to safely explore drill sites
  • Optical tracking systems that work in concert with 3D data
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Classrooms and Training Centers


AVI-SPL puts its systems integration talents to work for K-12, Higher Education, and Charter School environments. We design audio-visual and collaboration solutions for classrooms and training centers so that learners can work with one another in the same room and across great distances. These solutions are designed to:

  • Make class time more engaging with interactive displays, devices and collaborative software
  • Facilitate flipped, virtual, hybrid and active learning models
  • Create, manage and deliver video content for instruction
  • Deliver engaging content live or on-demand to local and global communities
  • Provide online professional development services on today’s leading software and hardware solutions
  • Enhance communication across a school, district or institutional system

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AV Systems Control and Management


We program your AV control systems so that you can find available rooms, identify their AV resources, and quickly activate them to start your meetings.

We’re also keen to streamline the management of your room systems. When AV communications and other building systems are networked to a central control room, failures and glitches can be instantly identified, addressed, and remedied. You can better understand how your meeting rooms are being used, what resources are being connected, and identify the system’s most active users.

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AV management systems can also reduce the maintenance costs associated with the equipment they control. Digital equipment glitches can be handled by remote troubleshooting or with a reboot of the device from a remote location.

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Workplace trends

  • Organizations are empowering their employees with AV control systems that suit their level of comfort with the technology
  • Video communications systems that are network controlled provide greater uptime than those that are not
  • Cloud-based services to assist in the management and monitoring of an organization’s AV systems