Professional Services: Preventative Maintenance and Collaboration Assessment

Before you have the right workplace collaboration solutions in place, you need a plan that determines what the solutions should do and how to make them easy to use across the enterprise. And once those systems are in place, they need to be reliable.

AVI-SPL’s Services team addresses both of those concerns with our Collaboration Business Plan and Preventative Maintenance visits.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

AVI-SPL’s Preventative Maintenance Service ensures your AV and collaboration rooms and systems are being maintained so that staff can use them as needed. Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMV’s) include onsite field technicians who test and clean your systems on a regular basis.

Collaboration Business Plan

To design and implement a successful collaboration program or strategy (one that includes audio, web, video, telepresence, and unified communications), AVI-SPL’s collaboration business plan focuses on two projects:

  • Needs Assessment – Assesses current state of collaborative technology; identifies functions, locations, and specific equipment needed; interviews users to assess current collaborative tools; and provides a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Benchmarking – How does the collaboration technology meet your needs and compare to relevant organizations that have successful adopted those tools and systems.

Together, these services deliver:

  • Preventative Maintenance Visits (20) – one visit per room, during which our field technicians provide testing and cleaning of AV equipment.
  • Collaborative Business Plan (1) – includes up to 12 user interviews, 2 organizational benchmark comparisons and 1 summary report.

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Professional Services for Video Collaboration

AVI-SPL’s professional services for video collaboration are a big part of what sets us apart from our competition. Our professional audio and video collaboration services take care of everything you need to take a project from a smart idea to a critical part of your daily operation.

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Workplace Trends 

  • Need for standardized solutions across the enterprise, so that users have a consistent experience from room to room and office to office
  • Customizable user levels that allow anyone in your company to operate your integrated systems
  • Single provider of services and solutions in order to simplify projects and ultimately the support you need