Better Team Collaboration With Oblong Mezzanine

See how organizations are improving their business outcomes by connecting teams in-room and across locations through an immersive and agile digital meeting experience. That experience is provided by Oblong’s Mezzanine, the immersive collaboration solution that delivers a superior meeting experience for remote and in-room participants.

During this webinar, Oblong Senior Sales Engineer Chris Sullivan gives a live demonstration of the Mezzanine 600 series, which consists of six displays for video conferencing, work space, and note taking. He also demonstrates the Mezzanine 200 series, the two-display configuration made for small- to medium-size meeting room and teaming spaces.

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3 Huddle Room Designs for Better Meetings

Because huddle room design and functionality can very from room to room and company to company, it’s important to know the differences between huddle room types and other key factors, including:

  • How employees work
  • Need to monitor device usage
  • How to manage and maintain equipment
  • Standardization practices

In this AVI-SPL tech brief, learn about three huddle room designs that take into account technology requirements and budgets.

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Immersive and Collaborative Technology in the Higher Education Classroom

Learn about the large-format displays and virtual reality technology that Samsung offers to support collaboration and learning in the higher education classroom. Shari Sentlowitz, Samsung’s senior manager of education solutions, shares the criteria you should consider when adding collaboration technology to the classroom.

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Tely 200 Video Endpoint

With the Tely 200 video endpoint, you bring HD video conferencing into your huddle spaces. It connects with the cloud-based video service of your choice, and can start meetings with just one click.

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The Tely 200 Evaluation Guide explains, with screenshots, how easy it is to set up a Tely 200 endpoint.

The Tely 200 Quick Reference Card is a handy resource with the steps to connect to a meeting and share your laptop content during a video conference.

Facility Manager’s Guide to IoT in Meeting Spaces

As smart meeting rooms gain in popularity in the workplace, facilities managers need to understand the steps they can take to incorporate technologies and capabilities that empower their companies and fellow employees. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) has tremendous value — and why it’s a prominent topic of conversation among businesses, educational institutions, and the public sector.

This guide looks at the issues facilities managers should consider when looking to bring the power of IoT into their meeting spaces. IoT is not new, but its value is gaining prominence as companies look for ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and overall workplace satisfaction. Learn about IoT’s ability to benefit organizations with regard to:

  • Space planning and facility renovations
  • Monitoring and analyzing devices and room usage
  • Reserving and scheduling rooms

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Group Collaboration Business Case for Microsoft Surface Hub

Business Case for the Microsoft Surface HubDo you know the true cost benefits of the Microsoft Surface Hub when compared to a standard multi-technology solution? The white paper, Group Collaboration in the Modern Workplace: Building the Business Case for Microsoft Surface Hub,” breaks down the hard and soft benefits of the all-in-one collaboration solution. Download the paper to learn about how the Surface Hub:

  • Further Drives Company-wide collaboration
  • Supports BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives
  • Enables businesses to better support a mobile workforce
  • How easy it is to host a truly collaborating meetings

Download the white paper to learn how the Microsoft Surface Hub cuts cost and increases productivity.