Group Collaboration Business Case for Microsoft Surface Hub

Business Case for the Microsoft Surface HubDo you know the true cost benefits of the Microsoft Surface Hub when compared to a standard multi-technology solution? The white paper, Group Collaboration in the Modern Workplace: Building the Business Case for Microsoft Surface Hub,” breaks down the hard and soft benefits of the all-in-one collaboration solution. Download the paper to learn about how the Surface Hub:

  • Further Drives Company-wide collaboration
  • Supports BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives
  • Enables businesses to better support a mobile workforce
  • How easy it is to host a truly collaborating meetings

Download the white paper to learn how the Microsoft Surface Hub cuts cost and increases productivity.

How to Design Successful Open Collaboration Spaces

Today’s worker wants to meet, socialize, and collaborate when the needs arise. And they want tools that allow them to share and work on content, whether in person or with remote workers. Download this tech paper, “Adapting a New Way to Work: How to Design Successful Open Collaboration Spaces,” to learn how to create spaces that facilitate collaboration through:

  • Easy, non-disruptive content sharing
  • Natural and responsive interactive displays
  • Remote access with complete control capabilities
  • Simple touch control technology

Today’s workers want solutions where all those features are integrated and easy to control from one place. One such solution is the Microsoft Surface Hub that combines features like dual wide-angle cameras, multi-touch functionality, Skype for Business, and many more into its intuitive design. Download the tech paper to learn how to design work-friendly open collaboration spaces.

Four Enterprise Solutions That Can Help Gov Agencies

By using enterprise-proven solutions to streamline work processes, government agencies can improve processes that lead to cost savings and more efficient use of resources. Many of these technology solutions make compliance with federal mandates easier to achieve and help reduce the government’s environmental footprint.

This paper discusses common work challenges and four enterprise solutions that agencies can adopt to enable and improve internal and external collaboration, including huddle rooms and intelligent building control.

Read “Four Enterprise Solutions Than Can Help Government Agencies Drive Down Costs and Increase Productivity” >

Create Spaces That Inspire Collaboration in the Workplace

Designing Open Collaboration SpacesLearn about technologies being deployed in open collaboration spaces and how they are foster greater collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Download the tech paper to learn how to design work-friendly open collaboration spaces that make use of tools like the Microsoft Surface Hub.