Advancing Audio Conferencing Technology

Learn about microphone technology in application, how the microphone works, and how to choose the right technology for your application. Michael Moore, Market Development for Shure, looks at topics related to microphone deployment, audio challenges, and select Shure product features.

  • Basics of acoustics and microphones (including speaker-to-noise ratio)
  • How to improve sound intelligibility
  • The three types of microphones
  • Advantages of digital audio (control, audio, security)
  • FCC spectrum update (and its impact on wireless systems)
  • Shure products (DDS 5900, DCS 6000, ADX 2018, MXA910, and more)

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Reimagining the University Library

Reimagining the University Library

During this webinar, AVI-SPL Project Managers Mike Cenzer and Rob Thomsen look at the advanced audio visual solutions that make the new Hunt Library at North Carolina State University a model for the modern university library. With its video walls, visualization technology, and video conferencing spaces, the Hunt Library offers faculty and students flexible spaces for multimedia presentations, research and collaboration. Some of the areas we’ll touch on include the audio distribution by Biamp, AMX control system technology, the visual displays by Christie and Sharp, a SMART Technologies’ presentation system, and the video conferencing systems of Cisco.

About the presenters

Mike Cenzer, a project manager with AVI-SPL, has nearly 25 years of experience as an audio visual commercial integrator. His specialties include commercial audio/video sales, design, project management, and installation, as well as video conferencing and telepresence support.

Rob Thomsen is also a project manager with AVI-SPL, and works as part of the company’s Control Room Group division. Rob has 15 years of experience and has been with AVI-SPL for most of his career.

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Audio Video Bridging

Audio Video Bridging

Biamp Systems’ Mike DeFreece (CTS) explores end-to-end digital networks that are easy to manage through the exciting new standards of Audio Video Bridging (AVB).

With the first open, industry-accepted standards for transporting audio and video over the network, AVB bridges the gap between AV and IT technologies, synchronizes multiple streams, eliminates buffering delays and creates resource reservation. Mike will deliver several real-world applications of AVB, and share more efficient, reliable and cost-effective means to get AV content delivered throughout your organization.

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About the presenter
Mike DeFreece is a Regional Manager for BIAMP Systems, an internationally recognized leader in the audio electronics industry. His background includes more than 20 years of experience in the areas of system sales, design and integration, as well as the operation of large-scale sound reinforcement systems.

Mass Notification in Facilities

Mass Notification in Facilities

Mass notification is a top priority for every facilities manager today, particularly when it comes to safeguarding against litigation in emergency situations. What kind of impact will a quickly-approaching UL standards change have on your operations, and your ability to save lives?

During this informative session, Bosch’s Systems Applications Specialist, Barry Luz, will explore new standards for speech intelligibility with signaling and public address systems. In addition, you’ll gain the insider’s perspective on what it takes to future-proof your facility for tomorrow.

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About the presenter
Barry Luz brings more than 30 years of pro audio experience to the industry. Working with major installation companies and manufacturers, Barry has designed audio systems all over the world for airports, universities, cruise ships, hospitals, hotels, military installations and stadiums.

Innovative Steps in Audio Management and Control for Conferencing

Innovative Steps in Audio Management and Control for Conferencing

Learn about the technologies available to expand your environment’s audio conferencing capabilities.

For years, U.S.-based conferencing system designs have typically been comprised of automatic microphone mixers, table or ceiling microphones, and ceiling speakers. The U.S. market has been largely unaware of the wide range of high-performance push-to-talk options available from Bosch, with systems proven around the world that have been, until recently, unavailable here. These solutions provide the added benefits of aesthetically pleasing and technologically flexible components that can be custom-configured to fit most budgets.

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About the Presenter
Bob Rieder is Bosch’s product marketing manager for Pro Sound – Install. He has worked at Jensen in OEM loudspeaker design and was a category director for Shure. In his current role with Bosch, Bob handles marketing strategies for Electro-Voice installed audio product lines.