Total Economic Impact of Oblong’s Mezzanine

In this study commissioned by Oblong, Forrester Consulting applies its Total Economic Impact™ study to Mezzanine, Oblong’s immersive collaboration solution. This paper shares the experience of customers who use Mezzanine, and shows the ROI in terms of savings through:

  • Improved business processes
  • Increase in closed and won sales opportunities
  • Ability to offer new services
  • Reduction in travel

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OnDemand Webcast: Infopresence and Mezzanine

AVI-SPL and Oblong present this webcast on Mezzanine™ — the only immersive collaboration solution that maximizes productivity for your global enterprise by connecting distributed teams through a flexible digital experience known as Infopresence.

Watch this video and you will learn how to:

  • Drive real-time decisions based on insight by surrounding stakeholders in all critical data points.
  • Unite teams across distance as if they’re collaborating side-by-side.
  • Deliver amazing customer experiences that promotes fully interactive, 2-way conversation.

From Minority Report to Mezzanine

In this interview for BBC Click, Oblong founder John Underkoffler demonstrates the future and the present of sharing screens and processing power for intuitive, immersive collaboration. Underkoffler is the mind behind the computer interfaces in the Steven Spielberg film Minority Report, and also Mezzanine™, the real-life version designed for businesses to collaborate across multi-user, multi-screen environments. Watch the video below.

Mersive Meeting Culture Survey Findings

Productivity and meetings should go hand-in-hand but a new survey reveals that is not the case. Seventy-two percent of meeting-goers reported they felt half or less than half of their business meetings are productive.

Mersive conducted an online survey, which profiles responses from 500 respondents regarding workplace meeting culture. The results detail how often meetings occur, how meetings are conducted, and how productive they are, as well as the role of technology in meeting rooms.

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Choosing the Right Collaboration Technology for Your Corporate Meeting Space

During this webinar, Michelle Rydell of Epson shows what’s possible in the corporate meeting room or huddle space with Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive whiteboard solution. She’ll look at its features, including annotation, content sharing, and the ability to integrate with Polycom video conferencing.

Brian Phillips of Polycom follows with an overview of solutions that make it easy to join video calls and share content from your mobile device. He looks at a variety of collaboration tools, including Polycom RealPresence Group and audio technologies like NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence, content sharing. simplified meeting control systems, native Skype for Business integration.

Watch and listen to the recording for “Choosing the Right Collaboration Technology for Your Corporate Meeting Spaces” >

Improve Your Collaborative Workflows and Business Outcomes

This executive summary addresses the insights from a live presentation and discussion by Frost & Sullivan and AVI-SPL on Sept. 29, 2016. AVI-SPL’s senior vice president of service operations and senior vice president of UCC and service solutions share their knowledge of collaboration in the enterprise and offer:

  • Industry insights into what is replacing hardware-based video conferencing infrastructure
  • Best practices for improving unified collaboration in your company
  • How AVI-SPL creates the right user experience for your workforce
  • Statistics that show how technology is changing the workplace

I encourage you take action to improve your workplace and personal work experience and read “Improve Your Collaborative Workflows and Business Outcomes” >

Read time: approx. 8 minutes