Choosing the Right Display and Collaboration Technology for Higher Education

Christie Choosing the Right Display
Choosing the right display and technology for education

Today’s higher education environment can take advantage of the abundance of new applications for display and collaboration technology, both inside the classroom and, increasingly, all over campus, including:

  • LCD panels
  • 4K displays
  • Lampless projectors

However, before you commit to a solution you need to understand the considerations for choosing which technology application will best suit your needs.

Download the whitepaper “Choosing the Right Display and Collaboration Technology for Higher Education” for an overview on various Christie technologies and a rule-of-thumb guide to the applications for which they are best suited.

Video Wall Content Management

Video Wall Content Management

During this webinar, NEC’s David Arnott introduces you to Hiperwall, an innovative software solution for video wall technology that lets users resize and relocate multiple simultaneous content objects anywhere on a video wall. Hiperwall technology benefits video wall configurations in professional digital signage environments, including lobbies, public venues, retail stores, transportation facilities and broadcasting.

View the webinar “Management of Video Wall Content.”

About the presenter
David Arnott, Business Development Manager at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., supports the AV Consultants of North America, providing product expertise for both LCD displays and multimedia projectors. David provides technical sales support for the AV Sales Channel partners and is the liaison between NEC, consulting/integration organizations and end users. His career encompasses more than 20 years in the A/V industry, including 13 with NEC.

Success Strategies for Video Walls

Success Strategies for Video Walls

During this webinar, Michael Ferrer, senior business development manager for NEC Display Solutions, discusses the various uses for video wall technology in the workplace, both for customer-facing and internal applications.

About the presenter

Michael Ferrer is a 12-year veteran of the AV system integration industry. He’s designed, installed and serviced audio, video and control systems for various Fortune 500 clients.

View the webinar “Success Strategies for Video Walls” >

Customer Demo Center Captivates Guests

While the concept of a customer demo center is not new, the technologies available are. Today’s advanced and engaging technologies can be used to create an incredible experience for your guests that will not only amaze them, but help them better understand your company’s products and services. With respect to customer demo centers, this tech brief takes a deep dive into:

  • Designing a flexible space
  • Choosing innovative collaboration technologies
  • Finding a user-friendly control system

In this tech brief, you’ll explore interactive technologies, such as multi-touch video walls, 2D/3D visualization, and video collaboration, and learn how to choose the right technologies for your needs.

Read “Today’s Customer Demo Center Captivates Guests” >

Reinventing the Lobby With Innovative Technologies

Your lobby is just waiting to make a great first impression. Learn how to turn a passive space into an interactive, dynamic place that will engage your customers and prospects the moment they enter your door. In this guide, you will learn about:

  • Digital signage and video walls
  • Interactive displays and kiosks
  • Paging and sound systems
  • Control system technologies

You will also learn about some exciting new developments in the future of lobby technology, and read about some real-world lobby implementations.

Read “Reinventing the Lobby: Create a Lasting Impression With Innovative Technologies” >

Inside the High Tech Lobby

This AVI-SPL tech brief delves into four key areas, showing how:

  • Digital signage and video walls create new ways to engage
  • Interactive technology captivates and engages your audience
  • Advanced sound distribution systems simplify communications
  • Control systems make running the high-tech lobby simple

You’ll learn how to determine which technology is right for your lobby.

Read “Inside the High Tech Lobby” >

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4 Ways Video Walls Help Higher Education

Video walls on college campuses advance learning and research, create a sense of community, and help promote the school’s image to visitors and prospect students. In this AVI-SPL white paper, we offer examples of these uses, and look at the technology making video walls an essential part of the campus experience.

Download “4 Ways Video Walls Help Higher Ed Attract Students, Create Collaborative Learning Environments, and Build Communities” >

Video Wall Color Calibration

Overcoming the Video Wall Color Calibration Conundrum

Massive video walls fall short of expectations if the colors and brightness across each display, and from one display to the next, lack the uniformity to create the seamless imagery that was expected after investing tens of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Review this webinar to learn about Sharp’s Uniform Color Calibration Technology (UCCT), the industry’s first and only factory calibration process that delivers out-of-the box pixel-to-pixel color uniformity across video wall monitors.

About the Presenter

Gary Bailer is Sharp’s director of product planning and marketing, Pro AV products. Gary is in charge of leading product planning efforts for Sharp’s professional displays and brings over 30 years of business technology experience to Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Review “Overcoming the Video Wall Color Calibration Conundrum” >