3 keys to successful digital signage and display investments

Workplace digital signage and display capabilities, like 4K or 8K, pitch, and screen size, are commonly used to promote displays and validate reasons to invest. But those numbers and specifications only indicate a display’s peak functionality. Can you base a digital display purchase on this information? Within context, yes. 

Rather than base your investment purely on function, we suggest reviewing your measurements for success. From there, frame your investment within your vision and goals for your display. 

Building your digital signage and display vision

To help ensure you select the right digital display, we recommend ensuring your vision accounts for the following: 

The digital display environment

Understanding the impact your display has on your environment informs the aesthetic choices you can make with the rest of your space. So, it is important to ask: 

  • Will my display be the centerpiece of my lobby?
  • Is my display immersive, filling the walls with beautiful visuals? 
  • Will my display serve as the backdrop to an auditorium stage? 
  • Or is my display the main view screen for my command center? 
Auditorium with Sony video wall backdrop

By knowing how your display will interact with its environment, you can begin looking at digital signage and display spec sheets for display size and resolution. Answering the questions above also informs: 

  • Room design (signage placement) 
  • How to light your environment 
  • Whether to install sound or projection systems 

But how will your audience interact with your display in this environment? 

The digital display experience

Large format displays are built for different purposes. Understanding what you want the end-user to feel is vital to focusing digital display selection. 

If your display is meant to wow your audience, it must immediately capture the attention of your viewers. For this use case, you need a screen with incredible brightness, intensity, and clear visuals. 

Large Sony digital displays, the centerpiece to a massive lobby

Or, if your display is meant to entertain or immerse your audience, it requires much of the same, with faithful and accurate colors and dynamic range.

Sony immersive digital display experience

Establishing a clear vision of your environment, the desired user experience, and how your display connects to each will inform which visual specifications and capabilities should make up your solution.

But there is one more key to making a successful digital display investment.

    The digital display eye test

    Seeing a display in-person can be one of the strongest indicators of a successful investment. It is here that you see: 

    • How the light from a screen impacts your surroundings
    • The nuances of color and visual accuracy, as discussed above 
    • Whether display features, like 4K or 8K, match what you need
    And if a display does not meet your expectations, that is okay. Having narrowed your focus based on your vision and goals for your display, you can feel confident you have options that fit your use case. 

    Will a display hold up to your vision and goals? See it yourself to find out.

      Sony Professional displays support a variety of use cases

      Whether captivating, entertaining, or educating audiences, Sony offers numerous display designed to impact audiences on multiple levels with:

      • Android based SOC with 34+ native software integrations, without need for an external device
      • SOC support for digital signage providers like Appspace, Korbyt, 22 Miles, and Navori.
      • Brightness, vibrance, depth, and contrast
      • Dynamic range
      • Image clarity
      • Color intensity, fidelity, and accuracy
      • Minimal bezel to focus the viewer’s attention on the image

      Robust support from Sony and technology partners

      Additionally, Sony Professional displays works with technology partners and integrators like AVI-SPL to add greater value to your AV solutions. Together, they work to simplify integration, lower operating costs, and amplify experiences. Solutions include digital signage networks, video collaboration, and device management and automation.


      Crystal LED C-series/B-series

      AVI-SPL’s team of digital signage design and integration experts can help you discover which Sony professional displays fit your needs. Together, we can:

      • Design your environment
      • Select displays, accounting for atmosphere and tone
      • Integrate and manage your displays to ensure your vision and goals are met long term

      Contact AVI-SPL for more information on he we can help you get started.