4 steps to maintaining a flexible, inclusive HyFlex learning experience

Many higher education institutions are looking to improve the HyFlex learning experience for all students, whether they attend class virtually or in person. However, the process can be difficult once you factor in budget limitations and the number of spaces that need upgrades.

In our new guide, 4 Steps to Maintaining the HyFlex Learning Experience, we walk you through the four essential steps for planning and prioritizing upgrades so you can deliver a better hybrid learning experience as efficiently as possible.

The guide provides a detailed roadmap to help your IT team:

  • Deliver the meeting space flexibility and capabilities that teachers are students truly need
  • Prioritize upgrades to address the most important user needs
  • Define your upgrade scenarios based on your goals, budget, integration logistics, and user feedback


Build a more inclusive, accessible HyFlex campus

Higher ed IT departments were once only expected to deploy technology and keep it working, but now you own a growing list of responsibilities. After the recent expansion of HyFlex education, you’re now expected to positively impact the new hybrid university learning experience.


AVI-SPL can help

Whether you want to complete a few HyFlex upgrades or a full catalog of AV and UC projects, AVI-SPL has dozens of state design and integration contracts and access to 100+ AV vendors to ensure we can get the HyFlex learning solutions you need faster.  For more on building and maintaining a HyFlex learning experience for your campus, we invite you to read our new guide: 4 Steps to Maintaining the HyFlex Learning Experience.

by | Jan 23, 2023