Many colleges and universities plan to reopen in the Fall. It’s likely the campus, classrooms, lecture halls, and collaboration spaces will look different. Students and teachers will need to socially distance, and some students may choose to attend classes remotely, creating the need for blended learning solutions. Explore how quality audio creates effective higher education hybrid learning environments. We’ll also look at specific solutions from Shure.

Enable Live Streaming and Remote Teaching

As some students will still attend classes virtually, and teachers could be presenting remotely, it’s essential to give educators premium audio tools for classes held via videoconferences. For teachers working from home, a quality microphone that’s easy to connect to a computer can make instructors feel more comfortable by providing robust, natural sound. The MV5C allows for a simple plug-and-play upgrade with the included USB cables.  The MV5C offers better intelligibility and speech clarity enhancing the student learning experience overall.

Support Social Distancing On Campus With Quality Audio

Schools are reopening, but likely with social distancing guidelines in place. Classrooms and lecture halls will look and feel different. Since teachers have been instructing remotely, they may not be comfortable projecting to a large group of socially distanced students. Likewise, educators need to hear the students who are in the back of the room. Shure Microflex® Advance™ Networked Ceiling, Linear, and Table Array Microphones will ensure everyone’s voice is heard, no matter where they are in the room.

These microphones feature Steerable coverage technology allowing you to adjust lobes to capture audio within the classroom. Furthermore, the ceiling and linear arrays allow for a consistent, touch-free high-quality audio experience.

Additionally, Shure voice lift systems allow teachers to move naturally around the room and be heard clearly. Students can also join the conversation without having to touch a shared handheld microphone. Shure’s networked loudspeakers complement our portfolio of array microphones, allowing teachers and students to hear and be heard regardless of where they’re located within the classroom.

Deliver Audio and Hearing Assistance

Hearing lectures clearly while social distancing can be even more challenging for students with hearing impairments or loss. Upgrade your audio and hearing assistance tools as needed to resolve this issue and ensure accessibility to all classes. Shure’s MXW or ULX-D systems capture the voice of students and teachers and help bring conversation directly to the ears of each student.

The MXW or ULX-D audio is connected to a third-party wire loop system placed in the floor or ceiling that sends the signal directly to the students’ hearing aids. MXW or ULX-D ensures that all students can hear the instructor and fully participate in the classroom with fellow students.

Discover how the Shure Ecosystem delivers quality audio and enhances hybrid learning.

Offer Efficient Lecture Capture

Not all students are ready to return to the classroom, so the need for on-demand learning continues to grow. Recording live lectures is an efficient way to grow your video library. However, the audio must be clear. Since audio is compressed and stored in the Cloud, you must start with a high-quality audio feed. Shure directional microphones can capture presenter and student voices while limiting background noise in the room.

Support Videoconferencing Preferences

Teachers and IT leaders may have specific video conferencing solutions they prefer. Ensure the audio solutions you choose are compatible with leading collaboration platforms. Shure’s product portfolio includes DSP processors, loudspeakers, and microphones that are Zoom and Microsoft Teams Certified and compatible with Cisco systems. Certified devices include plug-and-play functionality and will work with a specific platform out of the box.

Allowing students to choose whether to attend classes on campus or remotely means hybrid learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Ensuring quality audio can enhance your hybrid learning environment for students and teachers on campus and at home.

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