Conferencing trends in the hybrid workplace

David Albright, Business Development Manager for Legrand | AV, visited in The Collaboration Space to discuss conferencing trends in the hybrid workplace. He shared insights into how meeting room technology can solve meeting equity challenges.

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How the Human Experience Impacts Conferencing Trends

Creating meeting spaces that focus on the human experience for your hybrid teams can create a culture where employees feel more valued and have a deeper sense of belonging. Employees are energized and empowered to do their best work regardless of where they are located. Conferencing trends that David shares include: 

  • Meeting equity ensures that no matter where meeting participants are located—in-room or remote—they can be seen and heard
  • Before the pandemic, many meeting spaces weren’t video enabled. So remote participants would feel left out in meetings and didn’t feel like they could fully participate. The experience of connecting into platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom enable remote participants to fully participate in meetings with audio, video, and presentation sharing capabilities. 
  • As organizations open up their doors and employees return to the office, employees are looking to connect into the legacy video conferencing system and often find it cumbersome. Employees are used to having the same common experience from their remote office and want to have that same experience in the meeting room.

Elevating the in-room experience to make sure the people that are in the office can connect or launch a meeting as seamlessly as they can from home allows everyone to focus on the meeting and not on the meeting space technology. Technology should help you collaborate, not be the focus of the room

Design Workspaces that Solve Meeting Equity Challenges

Meeting experiences need to be simplified. Meeting rooms that have not been updated since the return to work often don’t provide the same common experience between rooms or across multiple office locations. 

How to do you create that simplified common experience? With meeting room technology solutions that are seamless and easy to use. Repeatability is key from an experience standpoint. Organizations that standardize on a uniform experience for their employees can help people walk into a room, start a meeting, and begin collaborating immediately. Teams will no longer waste precious meeting time figuring out how to use the room system. 

Training employees to be familiar with your organization’s meeting room technology is vital to a productive collaboration environment. Make sure that technology users are trained on updated meeting room technology so that they can have the same experience every time they need to collaborate with team members.

Meeting Room Technology that Improves the User Experience

Legrand | AV solutions are designed to improve the user experience. The Forum™ Collaboration Suite from Middle Atlantic was designed during the pandemic specifically for the hybrid workplace to enhance the meeting experience.  By situating the in-room participants around the conferencing camera system, it allows for the right camera angles so that everyone can be seen and heard. Acoustic fabric offers dampening to solve for reverberation issues in the meeting room, ultimately elevating the meeting experience for in-room and remote participants.

The Tempo™ Flat Panel Floor Support System from Chief is fast to deploy with ample AV storage, and it supports single and dual displays. Is a flexible solution that can work in a huddle space or the boardroom.

The Vaddio Deployment Tool simplifies the installation by viewing your Vaddio products across the deployment. Conveniently set up and manage your Vaddo devices from one place. 

The Premium+ Series PDU with RackLink from Middle Atlantic is a series of intelligent power products that support your collaboration technology system using IP control for Remote System Management. The RackLink™ technology allows you to control locally or virtually through 3rd party AV control systems, cloud platforms, and SNMP for flexible management that is smarter, faster, and reduces service costs.

Get the Right Technology for Your Conferencing Needs

Meeting room technology standardization is beneficial for organizations, making it easy to order and quick to install. Let us help you support the human experience in your hybrid workplace. Get in touch with AVI-SPL today.