Educational institutions have been moving toward more remote learning options for many years. But the global pandemic revealed that most schools were not equipped to deliver an engaging and dynamic remote learning experience on a large scale and for the long-term.

As hybrid learning models become the norm in the post-pandemic age, you need the right HyFlex classroom technology. Without it, the educational experience for in-person and remote students will suffer.

Set Your HyFlex Classrooms for Success

Hybrid or HyFlex classrooms need to serve in-person and remote students—often at the same time. When preparing a hybrid, flexible learning space, here are some things to consider:

  • Teachers need to be clearly seen and heard. This applies whether students are learning from home or sitting in a socially distanced classroom.
  • Students need to be clearly seen (encourage them to turn on their cameras!) and heard so they can ask questions and participate in discussions from anywhere.
  • Teachers need to move freely around the room. Being stuck sitting in front of a camera creates a sub-optimal experience for in-person and remote students.
  • The IT or AV staff need to manage video communications and other equipment that is inside and outside the school.

Empower Higher Education Administrators

Students and teachers are not the only ones who need AV technology to stay connected. School administrators also need the right tools to support effective communication as campuses close and reopen, and students move between different modes of learning.

No matter where they are working, administrators need reliable and effective audio and video solutions to:

  • Connect with students and parents
  • Hold board meetings
  • Give status updates
  • Conduct teacher evaluations
  • Streamline the day-to-day business of their campus

Standardize Your Video Communications with Poly Tools

Whatever technology solutions your institution chooses, they need to work seamlessly together to create a standardized, consistent experience for all your teachers and students, wherever they are.

Ideally, your campus is standardized on one platform, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms. But if you have a multi-vendor environment, you need an easy system to manage the many ways your institution communicates and collaborates.

  • The Poly Studio X50 is an all-in-one video solution that provides native experience for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others. It can be mounted on a monitor or a cart, giving you simple video conferencing where you need it.
  • The Poly EDUCART 2 is a sturdy cart that includes a G7500 video system. This makes it perfect for open area collaboration spaces and classrooms that don’t have a dedicated installed system. Just add the monitor of your choice, and you’ll have HD audio and video with wireless content sharing in your classrooms.
  • The Poly Studio USB is the go-to audio and video device for classrooms. Through its simple USB connection to the computer, you get incredible audio and video quality along with advanced presenter tracking technology.
  • The Poly Studio P5 Kit is the perfect solution for students, teachers and administrators who are working and learning from flexible spaces. It includes a professional webcam and a headset or personal speakerphone that are quick and easy to connect to any computer or personal laptop.
  • Add Poly Lens, a cloud-based device management software, and your IT team can easily make sure everything is up-to-date and running smoothly, wherever people are working.

To learn more about these tools for hybrid learning in higher education, contact AVI-SPL today.