In this edition of the AVI-SPL podcast, The Collaboration Space, we speak with Rich Daugherty, AVI-SPL’s digital media expert. During our 15-minute conversation, we focus on using digital signage to share COVID-19 information. We also look at the ways interactive apps share information about social distancing and COVID-19. Through that information, employees and visitors understand what steps businesses and venues are taking to keep them safe. And they know what is expected of them when entering a facility.

Using Digital Signage to Share COVID-19 Information in Different Environments

Rich shares a lot of great information about how digital signage is being used today. Some of those ways include:

The discussion touches on using mobile devices to virtually check into a facility instead of interacting with a person. Rich also talks about sensors that screen visitors for elevated temperatures. You’ll hear about scanning QR codes on the digital display to download information to your mobile phone. With that information, you can review the instructions at your leisure and pace.

In addition, Rich offers his personal experience of using apps to keep him and his family safe during take-out dining. He then talks about the advantage of using dynamic digital signage over static signs.

Near the end of the podcast, you’ll learn how to create great content for your audience. Rich explains the value of  VLCreative, which is part of VideoLink. They can take whatever vision you have for content and make it a reality.

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