The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we interact with each other and our surroundings. As companies begin the process of a staff back in the office, they are also taking steps to disinfect workplace technology.

Employers need to promote the health and safety practices dictated by law and good sense, And they can do this by assuring their employees that their workplaces are clean. Touch screens and other audio-visual equipment are almost everywhere – work, home, schools, retail, public spaces, and government offices. Cleaning technology devices and ensuring they are ready are important parts of this process.

Here are a few tips to help you get your technology ready for when you reopen your doors.

Schedule maintenance before employees return to the office

Schedule service calls now to ensure your equipment is functional, clean, and safe. Network changes, equipment auto-updates, and repairs significantly impact your systems. If equipment needs repair or replacement, extended lead times can affect the productivity of your teams as they return. AVI-SPL has several preventative maintenance options, so schedule a service call today. While at your office, our team will adhere to any site-specific or client-specific requirements. We also follow CDC recommendations on social distancing, hygiene, and personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols.

Deep clean and sanitize

All businesses need to develop policies, standards, and schedules for the deep cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, surfaces, and individual spaces, and your technology should be a part of this plan. Refer to the Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting issued by the CDC to  develop your plan and best practices for preparing and maintaining your workspaces. However, these guidelines don’t provide instructions on how to clean and sanitize technology according to the manufacturer’s best practices. Assure your workforce that the technology they are reliant on is safe, clean, and sanitized. Add our cleaning option to a new or existing preventative maintenance check to ensure your equipment is clean per manufacturer specification.

Routine cleaning of technology

Set guidelines and protocols for shared electronics—such as tablets, touchscreens, keyboards, and other accessories. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you clean and disinfect high-use devices and surfaces with a solution of 70% medicinal isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. But be aware — most manufacturers’ recommendations for the medicinal isopropyl alcohol and water solution vary by product, depending on the materials that make up the product. Protect your investment and refer to the following guidelines for best practices from manufacturers.

Post manufacturer guidelines to ensure that everyone uses the proper solutions for your devices. It’s also important to make all the recommended supplies readily and visibly available for cleaning.

Personal devices and potential contamination

For phones (desk, conference, and smartphones), keyboards, and most other accessories, the cleaning part is relatively simple. Use approved disinfectant wipes and cleaning solutions with microfiber cloths. Spray the solution on the cloth, not directly on the device. As soon as we use a personal device and then touch a shared space or surface, the potential of contamination is there.

How much cleaning is enough? The CDC has guidelines on what to clean and how often. Your health and safety are important, and keeping devices clean is a crucial step in minimizing the spread of infections. If you have any questions about preparing your meeting room tech for the to return to work, contact us now or call your local AVI-SPL office. We’re here to help.