Flexibility: The Key to Hybrid Workplace Collaboration

After more than a year of working how, when, and where they chose, employees are going back to the office. With many organizations offering a hybrid schedule, some team members will work from home too.

Employees returning to the office expect to have access to a variety of spaces and ways to work. They also want to move seamlessly between the office and personal workspaces. So, what’s the bottom line? Flexibility is the key to hybrid workplace collaboration

Learn How Crestron Flex Supports

Hybrid Workplace Collaboration

Crestron Flex delivers ultimate flexibility with native Microsoft Teams, Zoom Room, or open UC support plus bring your own device (BYOD) capability. And only Flex lets you swap the native room platform between Teams and Zoom from the cloud.

Must-Have UC Solutions for a Flexible Workplace

You can make the return to the office easier and productive for your teams with the right unified communications (UC) and meeting solutions. Here are few essentials to keep in mind as you create a flexible workplace.

Hybrid Workplace Collaboration from Anywhere

Since video collaboration is essential for hybrid work, meeting tools must be reliable and easy to use in the office, at home, and on the go. In addition to meeting rooms, consider all your teams’ workspace preferences when choosing collaboration technology. Ensure you can accommodate hot desks, coworking spaces, open office layouts, and home offices.

Your meeting spaces themselves need to be flexible too. Changes in offices configurations to accommodate social distancing drive the need for multi-purpose collaboration areas. With that in mind, meeting rooms should adapt to the needs of whoever is using them at the time. That means your conference room can also accommodate ad hoc brainstorming sessions, and your common areas can transform into meeting or training spaces.

BYOD Capability

Collaboration technology with BYOD capability is also a must for any flexible workplace. Secure BYOD connectivity allows team members to join meetings from their personal devices, just like when they worked from home full time. BYOD connectivity should also support joining meetings hosted on any meeting software, whether your native meeting platform is Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, or Google Meet.

Power Your Flexible Workplace with Crestron Flex       

Ready to take workplace flexibility to the next level?  Consider adding Crestron Flex, a powerful room control system. Crestron Flex room systems provide complete solutions for personal workspaces, huddle spaces, conference rooms, and fully integrated board rooms. Each system is certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, or open UC and provides BYOD capability. With Crestron Flex, team members can use their devices to join any meeting platform, whether in a native Teams room or native Zoom room.

Crestron Flex also offers full integration that allows users to control the room’s environment from a single platform. Options include tabletop phones, front-of-room soundbars, table-top room systems, and integrated solutions. Adding to the flexibility factor, Crestron Flex allows teams to manage room systems remotely through Creston’s XiOTM Cloud management platform.

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