As colleges and universities begin to plan for the fall semester, there are still a lot of challenges and unknowns to address.

While Covid-19 seems to be in retreat, many students are still not comfortable returning to large lecture halls and crowded campuses. They need robust audiovisual tools to support a successful hybrid learning experience. Students who are returning to campus also have high expectations for campus technology, especially after nearly two years of using high-quality consumer AV technology.

In this video podcast from The Collaboration Space, experts from AVI-SPL and Bose share insights about how higher education institutions can prepare for flexible, hybrid learning in the fall, including:

  • AV enhancements that will help entice existing students back into the classroom, and recruit new students to campus
  • How educators can best communicate with students in large rooms such as lecture halls, auditoriums and common spaces
  • How to retrofit existing spaces that were not designed with AV in mind and therefore present acoustical and architectural challenges
  • How to do all that without breaking the bank

When it comes to making AV enhancements on a budget, colleges and universities should look for components that make the biggest impact for the lowest price.

Bose offers a line of modular, steerable loudspeaker arrays that can be configured to meet the audio needs of spaces of any size. These low-profile speakers can be installed out of the way in just about any room. The sound can be controlled to create intelligible audio whether you need to cover an entire floor or just map sound to where students are sitting.

AVI-SPL has the expertise and partnerships to recommend these and other solutions that will help colleges and universities overcome the challenges they face as students return to campus this fall. Get in touch with any of your education audio needs.

To learn more about Bose loudspeakers and whether or not they are the right solution for you, watch this video podcast today.