Last week, Microsoft held its annual MS Ignite event and unveiled the latest updates on many of its well-known business solutions. For experts at digital workplace services provider AVI-SPL, there was one solution upgrade that stood out most: Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has become a top collaboration platform for organizations to bring their workforce together, communicate, and complete projects. With the newly announced features, it’s clear they’re looking to take a major step forward.

Here are the top five Microsoft Teams features that stood out to our experts:


1. Together Mode scenes

In a time of social distancing, Microsoft Teams offers a chance to feel closer to your team. With the Together Mode, you and your team are able to meet in a shared setting, providing a virtual in-room experience.

2. Breakout Rooms

Team collaboration at its finest. This feature allows the meeting organization to create smaller groups within a larger meeting to facilitate workgroup discussions. Meeting organizers can also float between groups, make announcements to all teams, and close the rooms to bring everyone back together when ready.

3. Teams Templates

Starting a new project? Consider using Teams Templates to accelerate it and stay on track. Microsoft Teams offers common business workflows and vertical-specific templates to help you begin the strategic planning process.

4. Custom Layouts

Great for webinars, large meetings, teaching, and other virtual events or meetings, custom layouts keep the speaker in the foreground while allowing them to showcase their content in the background. This provides a more intimate presentation, keeping the focus on the face-to-face interaction and their statements, rather than strictly on the content.

5. Customer Key Support

What good is all these features if your company info is not secure? Microsoft already keeps Teams data safe by encrypting while at rest in their datacenters. With Customer Key, Teams users can create an additional layer of encryption using their own keys.

These are just a few of the new Microsoft Teams features already launched or will be rolling out by the end of the year. Other interesting features include meeting recaps, webinar reporting, touchless meeting experiences, Microsoft Teams panels, collaborative calling, increased Teams capacity, wellbeing and productivity insights, walkie-talkie feature for Teams mobile, device admin role, and intelligent speaker options.