I recently had the pleasure to lead a discussion about supporting collaboration in the workplace. During this episode of the Collaboration Space podcast, Dimitri Blondeel and Karen Klosinski talked about the ways organizations can support hybrid work through unified communications.

Dimitri is the VP of cloud-managed services for Unify Square. And Karen is the VP of products and solutions for AVI-SPL. As they addressed “Ensuring Excellent Meeting Experiences for the Hybrid Workforce,” their conversation covers:

  • How office meeting spaces are changing
  • Supporting a positive meeting experience from any location
  • Making sure UCC capabilities are a part of daily routines
  • The importance of experience-level agreements

Following the episode, explore¬†User Experience Services for Microsoft Teams from AVI-SPL. You’ll understand how we partner with Unify Square to keep your teams connected and users engaged with their work and each other.

How to support your hybrid work model

Listen to this Collaboration Space podcast to learn what you can do to support your employees as they collaborate using unified communications solutions.

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