Companies planning their return to in-person work can’t think of their office spaces and technology the same way they always have. How and where people work and meet has changed, and companies adopting a permanent hybrid working strategy need to think carefully about how to optimize the transition back to the office, both in the immediate future and for the long-term.

Unified communications, or UC, combines essential communication, audio, video, and collaboration technologies to bring people together in both virtual and on-site workspaces. Combining all your critical communication and collaboration tools in one application — including video conferencing, voice calls, real-time chat and instant messaging, file sharing, and virtual whiteboarding — makes UC a powerful hub of collaboration and innovation for any type of team located anywhere.

Including robust UC solutions as part of a back-to-work technology strategy will enable companies to support the hybrid future of work, keep teams safe and engaged, and create collaboration equity across the organization.

Enable Hybrid Collaboration With Technology and Design

With some employees working in-person and others remotely, collaboration spaces all need to be video-enabled so team members can participate in meetings no matter where they are. Video conferencing features such as auto-framing, cropping to improve camera focus, and larger screen sizes for bigger rooms and larger groups all help every meeting participant feel included, engaged, and “in the room,” no matter where they actually are.

One-touch or no-touch video meeting control systems help improve safety and hygiene for in-person employees.

Create Collaboration Equity in the Digital Workplace

While companies have realized many benefits of remote work over the past year and a half, one persistent challenge is making sure the meeting experience is consistent across all teams and locations, including home offices. Remote workers in particular sometimes lack access to the tools they need to feel productive and engaged.

Employers should consider providing hybrid workforce “toolkits” with the right hardware for quality audio and video anywhere. Cloud-based video conferencing platforms that allow remote participants to join meetings from anywhere and on any device also help level the collaboration playing field. And a quick review of meeting etiquette for everyone doesn’t hurt, either.

Keep Meetings Secure Across the Hybrid Office Environment

The final step of a successful UC strategy for your return to work is ensuring the video conferencing applications and other collaboration tools you choose can support data and information security today and into the future. Make sure you understand how your conferencing provider handles data privacy, and look for solutions that offer the security you need right from the start.

Get the Help You Need to Prepare for the Future of Work

Pexip provides enterprise-scale conferencing and communication ecosystems that empower organizations with face-to-face collaboration, even when team members aren’t in the same room. UC solutions like the ones Pexip provides will be key to restructuring and reimagining your post-Covid workplace.

To learn more about Pexip UC solutions and start preparing for the future of your workplace, contact AVI-SPL today.