In this report, Gartner analysts say, “Digital workers achieve the best productivity when they can choose their own workplaces, devices and applications, but such individuality can be elusive.”  You’ll learn about the key challenges that organizations face as they try to support their talent with technology, including:

  • “IT specialists, business executives and workers must serve on teams that are diverse in how they like to work.”
  • “Employers focus too much on resume, title, role or surface characteristics when trying to determine a worker’s path in its organization.”
  • “Work policies are generally developed as a single default with a few exceptions because investing in detailed exceptions is hard to justify.”

Gartner’s authors also provide their recommendations for dealing with these challenges and, we believe, they make the case that supporting talented workers has never been more important to business outcomes.

Gartner, Satisfy Digital Workers and Improve Employee Experience by Embracing Choice of Workplaces and Tools, 12 May 2020, Whit Andrews, Adam Preset, Josh Bittinger