Six Ways Technology Will Support the Return to the Office

COVID-19 was and continues to be a disruptive force. It’s taken us from the workplace, forced social distancing, and required a routine of daily measures to keep us safe from the virus. It’s also blurred the line between our home and work lives. Many of us can attest that at times it’s been a struggle to distinguish between the two. The pandemic has forced us to quickly be resourceful and rethink the way we do our jobs. Now, as our companies consider a safe return to work, we must again be resourceful. And we must be thoughtful in our approach.

Perhaps your organization is among those that are gradually reintroducing staff to the physical workplace – at least on a part-time basis. One of the main considerations in this process is: How do we keep our employees safe while still giving them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively?

With the right technology solutions in place, you’ll be prepared for the next disruption. You’ll also be giving your talented staff the peace of mind they need to be engaged with their work.

Six Areas Where Technology Can Improve the Workplace Experience

As you plan for staff to return to the office, think about the different areas and experiences your facility provides. Here are six elements that a workplace re-entry program should address:

  1. Entry and exit
  2. Movement in buildings
  3. Meeting spaces
  4. Workspaces
  5. Services
  6. Remote workers

Each of these areas could include many kinds of technology solutions. Those solutions – which I’ll touch on in the next section – will keep your operations running efficiently because they’ll enable safe collaboration. And by being able to collaborate, to draw on each other’s knowledge, your talented staff will find it easier to be productive.

Workplace Well-Being Technology Guide

In AVI-SPL’s “Workplace Well-Being Technology Guide,” you’ll get a deeper look at these six features of the traditional workplace. In each section, the guide will introduce you to the kinds of technologies and services that improve the workplace experience. Some of those tech solutions include:

  • Thermal sensors
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Touchless interfaces
  • Mobile apps
  • Wireless presentation control
  • Managed services
  • Remote worker technology kits

You’ll also become familiar with some specific solutions in each of these technology categories. With this information, you’ll have a better sense of what make work in your office environment.

Unsure about which solutions to choose or how to continue your workplace reinvention? AVI-SPL is here to help. Go to our Elastic Digital Workplace Roadmap page.  There, you’ll find a contact form where you can share your challenges and needs. And one of our account managers will respond to talk through your project.