Spark Active Learning Anywhere With This Simplified Teaching Tool

When teachers can’t be in the classroom with their students, the education technology they use becomes more important than ever. In this new era of hybrid learning, teachers need flexible tools that work equally well in-person and remotely and engage students equally no matter where they are. 

HyFlex Classrooms Invite Advanced Collaboration for Students Anywhere

Although hybrid learning is no longer required from a health and safety perspective, many students and teachers have embraced the benefits of a more flexible learning environment. Educational institutions are now looking for more permanent technology solutions to support long-term hybrid learning. 

HyFlex classrooms equipped with the right educational technology give students more control over when, how, and where they learn, which leads to better student engagement and performance. HyFlex classrooms offer each class session in person, synchronously online, and in an asynchronous format. 

But HyFlex classrooms only work successfully if both teachers and students are empowered with the right tools.

Reimagine Classroom Collaboration with Advanced Display Technology

Advanced display technology can help transform ordinary classrooms into advanced collaboration spaces. Features to look for in a display solution for your HyFlex classrooms include: 

  • Responsive and intuitive touch interface. Displays with low latency and lag-free accuracy, create a writing experience that feels just like putting pen to paper. Displays with multiple touchpoints allow more than one user to write on the display at the same time.  
  • A flexible lesson delivery platform. A built-in blended learning platform gives teachers easy access to course materials—no need to connect a PC—and allows remote students to communicate and collaborate with teachers and classmates from anywhere. Integrations with current grading and learning management systems allow teachers to give scores, send emails, and make assignments all from the display itself. 
  • Antimicrobial coating and shatter-resistant glass. An antimicrobial coating helps protect displays from degradation, and shatter-resistant glass reduces the potential for classroom hazards. Make sure the display you choose also has an adequate warranty.
  • Video conferencing tools. Students deserve the same learning experience no matter where that learning is taking place. Classroom displays should include plug-and-play interoperability with cameras, as well as compatibility with any video conferencing software so students can stay connected and engaged whether they are across the room, across campus, or across the world. 
  • Easy connectivity for enhanced collaboration. With HDMI, USB and wireless connectivity, teachers can choose the option that works best for them. The best classroom displays also have the capability to mirror content on more than one display—ideal for large classrooms—as well as mirror user devices regardless of operating system. 
  • Simplified teaching tools. Instructors should have one-touch access to apps, files, and teaching tools. Remote management of the display makes things easy on the IT team, too. 

Deliver an Equitable and Engaging Hybrid Learning Experience Starting Now

Samsung displays were designed specifically with teachers and students in mind. With all the features teachers need to augment any style of instruction, instructors can focus on teaching, not technology, no matter what the school year brings. With these tools in the classroom, teachers can deliver seamless and equitable instruction that engages every student, everywhere. 

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