If you’re in education, you’ve had a busy 2020 adapting to remote learning and new ways of teaching. And you’ve likely done some planning or at least thinking about what your education processes and technology will look like next year. At AVI-SPL’s Virtual VIBE Education Tradeshow, we were thinking about the same issues. One of our sessions focused on back-to-school trends that will shape education in 2021.

Back to School Trends for 2021

During an hour-long session, panelists looked at a wide array of issues that will affect teaching and learning, including:

  1. Acceleration of digital transformation
  2. High-quality hybrid and fully online teaching models
  3. Rise in learning augmented by education technology
  4. Increased need for faculty development
  5. Emphasis on equitable access
  6. Creating safe campuses and keeping students healthy
  7. Escalated remote instructor and student support services
  8. Trimmed down academic calendars
  9. International student decrease/non-trad student increase
  10. Seeking new financial models

Our panelists addressed many issues related to the 10 items on their agenda. The insight came from a diverse group of four experts:

  • Kevin Schornhorst, assistant manager and senior systems engineer, Georgia State University
  • Robert Levitt, manager, audio and video services, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan
  • Marci Powell, United States Distance Learning Association chair emeritus and past president
  • Jay Bosch, director, state and local government, and education, North America, AVI-SPL

Hear from experts in education technology

Bosch was the moderator and prompted the guests to address each item on the agenda. And Schornhorst and Levitt offered their field experience with using technology to teach students in on-site and virtual settings. They also explained how they and their schools are dealing with issues like tech support, budgets, and equity in learning.

Plus, Powell shared her wide-ranging insight into the issues affecting K-12 and higher education, and how school leaders are responding.

You’ll hear about:

  • Equity in learning
  • The value of a standardized classroom experience
  • How COVID-19 caused a shift from classroom-based lecture capture to the home
  • Empowering teachers with an easier experience of the technology they’re used to
  • Addressing safety for teachers and learners with technology
  • Virtual worlds, gamification, A.I., augmented reality, maker spaces
  • Funding that makes online learning as seamless as possible

Other topics include tech support, dual enrollment between K-12 and higher education, and new sources of revenue.

Get the recording for Back to School Trends for 2021

This panel discussion is now available for you to review. Get access now and find out how you can prepare your students and teachers for 2021. And if you have any questions about your challenges or what you’ve learned during this session, we want to hear from you. Contact AVI-SPL and one of our representatives will respond.