The AVI-SPL VIBE event “The Evolution of Collaborative Technologies in Federal Business and Mission-Critical Environments” provided a wealth of information and insight into the way federal spaces are changing and how technology can support those changes.

During this hour-long webinar, experts from AVI-SPL, Samsung, and Cisco offered their insight into innovative technologies that support the work being done in multi-level classified and unclassified environments.  They discussed the ways solutions like Cisco Webex and Samsung’s display solutions are connecting federal employees while also sharing valuable, timely messages with the public.

Some of the topics important to you and your agency included:

  • Optimizing existing environments for an increasingly distributed workforce
  • Trends in collaboration and space usage
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of mission-critical spaces

AVI-SPL FedCore Team

Attendees got insight into AVI-SPL’s FedCore team, which has 25 years of federal business experience serving every branch of the military and every level of the U.S. government and foreign military partner. We covered FedCore’s experience and qualifications, along with our network of resources and expertise in delivering collaborative technologies for federal environments. We also provided a look at our specific FedCore team members, including those behind your solutions. AVI-SPL is a Cleared facility, and our sales and technical staff hold DOD and NATO personnel clearances. Our team delivers advanced, secure solutions across mission-critical areas for:

  • Command and control
  • Advanced visualization
  • Advanced simulation
  • Emergency operations
  • Network operations
  • Process control
  • Situation rooms

Collaborative Technologies in Federal Environments

Our panelists talked about the ways traditional federal offices are changing to optimize their on-site footprint and collaboration capabilities. They addressed:

  • Security compliance
  • Planning for solutions and involving stakeholders
  • Display solutions for situational awareness, emergency management, border security, tactical response
  • Support for new systems in federal spaces

Get Expert Insight Into Mission-Critical Spaces From AVI-SPL, Cisco and Samsung

We gathered experts in the federal government operations to share their thoughts on the ways technology will empower agencies and mission-critical environments. Our panelists included:

  • Tom Nyhus, director, Cisco practice, AVI-SPL
  • Matt Rinehart, federal director, engineering, AVI-SPL
  • Katie Bourbeau, director, federal sales & operations, AVI-SPL
  • Carlos Lerma, advanced solutions director, engineering, AVI-SPL
  • Ket Hum, partner, business development specialist, sales, Cisco
  • Scott Hoaglund, senior sales manager, display division, Samsung

AVI-SPL covered a wide range of topics, including its own expertise when it comes to federal spaces and how they see those spaces evolving.

Hum and Hoaglund talked about specific technology solutions from Cisco and Samsung that you can use right now to create better federal operations. Hum explained the ways Cisco supports your ability to be a secure remote worker. He also covered the benefits of Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training.

Hoaglund shared insight into Samsung’s TAA-compliant displays for federal applications. He also addressed digital signage that transforms the public experience. And he explained how Samsung displays provide a modern, secure experience for situational awareness, emergency management, and other government functions that require the sharing of visual information.

Answers to Your Questions About Collaborative Technologies in Federal Environments

At the end of this event, the panelists answered questions from attendees. They addressed topics like audio in meeting rooms, deploying wireless and touchless technologies, and how to plan for replacing outdated AV systems.

If you have any questions about collaborative technologies that can support your federal business and mission-critical environments, AVI-SPL is here to answer them. Reach us through our contact page, and one of our experts will reply with assistance.