You want workplace collaboration to be easy and effective. Today, the workplace can be the traditional office or the home. Across these locations, teams need to share and build upon ideas that help your company grow. To create the spaces that inspire and empower your workers, AVI-SPL follows the “five S’s”: simple, standardized, scalable, serviceable, and secure. Each of these guidelines work together to form the workspaces that help meet your organization’s desired outcomes. Below, we look at what each of these principles means, why they matter, and how they work together.


You’re not going to use a conference room where the technology is an obstacle course of complexity, unreliability, and frustration. If you’re inclined to use a collaboration space, you want to work with colleagues on a project. You don’t want to wonder why you can’t get the interactive display to sync to your device.

To apply simplicity to a space doesn’t mean you’ve limited its capabilities. Rather, you’ve removed the barriers to using and benefiting from those capabilities. The meeting process is streamlined, so that you can quickly start the display, audio, video, presentation, and get the meeting underway.


Regardless of where you’re working from, the technology experience needs to be the same among similar rooms in all locations. An employee that knows how to use a collaboration room in his or her home office should be able to do the same in a regional office. Applying standards and best practices makes the experience simple for the end user. Some of our clients have room standards that AVI-SPL must deliver reliably and in a way that allows their organizations to grow.

If you’ve yet to settle upon standards, AVI-SPL can help develop and provide them through our Smart Spaces. These are collaboration spaces of various types that have been preconfigured with essential collaboration tools for various group sizes.

Your regional requirements may mean substituting one solution for another based on product availability. AVI-SPL lets customers know how their budgets could fluctuate based on those regional preferences. Because we are aware of differences within the same company, our designers, programmers, and integrators ensure that your room functionality is consistent across locations.


A scalable set of solutions are easily repeatable from office to office. By keeping room solutions simple and standardized, we can quickly deploy your rooms so that your regional locations stay connected. As your company grows and adds more collaboration spaces and solutions, so does AVI-SPL’s support of those solutions through our managed services.


AVI-SPL considers serviceability as a design element when developing standards for your rooms and technology systems. That’s because spaces that are easy to use should also be easy to support. We assess the network topology where the solutions are being deployed so that the IT stakeholders can deliver and support the solutions on a consistent basis.

Serviceability means IT and/or your managed services provider can proactively resolve issues and acquire the analytics that provide business insights, like how often your collaboration spaces are being used, the quality of the experience, and the number of service tickets that were generated in a particular time frame. From the data analysis of those standardized rooms, your organization continues to adjust its standards and conference rooms. The result is a better user experience.

We find that customers are demanding actionable business intelligence about their collaboration solutions. They want to know if their technology systems are delivering ROI by improving productivity and if they need to reconfigure their collaboration spaces. AVI-SPL’s Symphony managed services application provides the analytics to let you know whether your systems are delivering their intended value.


In our current work culture, companies have embraced the hybrid workplace to maintain business continuity. This mix of work environments supports the ability to work from home (and other remote locations) as well as from the traditional workplace. And as we’ve seen, employees can be equally productive in from anywhere. But this flexibility also means you have to address security issues as people collaborate.

More remote workers means more access to the corporate LAN. With that comes the need for cybersecurity to expand. You’ll want to focus on the security of your video collaboration and other applications that share sensitive content. Other important areas include the network, user protocols, and application interfaces.

AVI-SPL mitigates your security risks. We do this by replacing your obsolete hardware with the latest systems. But our support capabilities go much further. We work in close contact with you to determine your firewall traversal policies.

Work With the Experts in the Collaborative Workplace Experience

By following the five S’s, AVI-SPL creates meaningful spaces and better workplace experiences. Contact AVI-SPL and let us know where we can help improve the business outcomes for your organization.