At AVI-SPL’s recent Virtual VIBE Education Tradeshow, experts from AVI-SPL gathered to explain an emerging part of campus life: eSports. eSports describes the organized world of video game competition. And over the past few years, eSports has become a part of higher education schools around the world. But as you’ll learn during the recording of this session, eSports does more than support community and camaraderie. This field is supporting academic achievement and the ability to learn skills that can be applied to the workforce.

eSports in higher education

You’ll hear about these and related issues when you get the recording of our recent session, “The Future of eSports in Driving Student Success.” Four panelists discussed the value of eSports can have for colleges and universities. They also gave valuable guidance on what it takes to build an eSports programs. Our panelists bring their field knowledge of engineering, solution architecture, and working with clients as they discuss topics that will be of interest to educators, IT staff, students, and program organizers. Some of those issues include:

  • How eSports supports learning across different disciplines
  • The incredible growth of eSports
  • What to prioritize as you build your program
  • The type of technology solutions that support the eSports experience

How to build your eSports program

During “The Future of eSports in Driving Student Success,” you’ll learn how to build eSports programs that drive engagement and support academic success. You’ll also gain insight into issues like budget, facility expectations, and scholarships that recruit top players. If you have any questions, please reach out to AVI-SPL. We’re here to offer our guidance to help you create the right eSports program for your school. We partner with the manufacturers who empower us to provide any type of solution you need.

Get the eSports recording

The eSports panel discussion is available to view. Get access now and find out how easy it can be to get started with a basic eSports program at your school.