Turn Your Office into a Robust Digital Workplace with These Unified Communications Solutions

Everyone can agree that, over the past year and a half, we’ve all figured out how to work productively and confidently from home. That’s great news for remote workers, but what happens next for employees who are returning to the office? As employees start to make decisions about how and when to come back to in-person work, companies have to make decisions about how to prepare for them.

Historically, only five to 10 percent of meeting spaces worldwide are video-ready, and even meeting rooms with video capabilities have outdated technology that won’t cut it for the new hybrid workforce. If it’s harder for your employees to get work done in the office than it is for them to get work done at home, they won’t keep coming to the office for long.

How to plan for your return to work

Companies need to support the new digital workforce by creating the same collaboration experiences in the office that employees are used to having at home, and the unified communications technology they deploy needs to be intuitive enough that employees are successful using it on the first try.

According to collaboration experts from Poly, here are some questions to consider as you start making a technology plan for the return to work:

  • Which unified communications platform will be your primary?
  • What technology will be in your meeting rooms and how will people connect to it?
  • Will employees be using personal devices or a standard interface?

Create a digital workplace with Poly

Solutions from Poly can help you create a standardized and unified collaboration experience across your organization, leveraging tools and platforms your employees are already familiar with, like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. For example, with the Poly Studio, employees can easily connect their personal devices to displays in huddle spaces. Workers who are migrating between home and the office can easily connect the P5 USB camera or P15 video bar to create a productive video conferencing experience no matter where they are.

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To learn more about these and other Poly solutions for the hybrid workforce, watch our Collaboration Space video podcast or listen to the audio version.

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by | Aug 2, 2021