Today’s workers and workplace collaboration sessions are moving from boardroom and high-value rooms to hybrid solutions. We’re now living in an experiment as to what comes next. Every meeting today has to be balanced between remote and on-site locations. These are the insights shared during AVI-SPL’s VIBE: #futureofwork event.

The workplace collaboration topics that matter today

Experts in collaboration got together for a hourlong conversation about collaboration using UCC tools. Along the way, they addressed the many issues that companies and services providers are trying to solve for, including:

  • How to ensure the same meeting experience for all participants
  • Tools that measure user behavior with meeting solutions
  • Helping customers migrate to the cloud and making it interoperable with their meeting rooms

They also address the emergence of the employee experience as a key consideration. Companies and their employees expect the same level of equity, security, and consistency of experience for remote workers in meetings as those working in the office.

Collaboration insights from AVI-SPL, Cisco, Crestron, and Microsoft

The speakers during this panel include:

  • Ilya Bukshteyn, Microsoft general manager of Microsoft Teams devices
  • Scott Brown, Cisco SVP, global collaboration sales
  • Ranjan Singh, Crestron executive vice president, product and technology
  • Inna Larson, AVI-SPL VP of global accounts
  • Karen Klosinski, AVI-SPL VP, service products and solutions

Your peers are facing the same challenges as you. You want technology that drives the user experience and improves workflows. In this panel talk, experts shared what they are hearing from organizations around the world, including:

  • Help with video call fatigue
  • Natural interactions
  • Consistent and equal meeting experiences no matter where you are
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Remote employees being able to collaborate on virtual whiteboards
  • Sustaining current investments in technology
  • How to choose the right UCC platform

Listen to the full recording of this VIBE panel

You can access the recording of this event when you click on the button below. You’ll also hear about topics like:

  • AI-driven computing to correct video and audio
  • Designing a front-end experience that is good for the user
  • Space optimization
  • Whether BYOD is going away
  • Monitoring and management to address network issues

If you have any questions, please reach out to AVI-SPL, and our team will do its best to answer them and guide you toward a better work experience.