The workforce has changed. The past year has seen it change a lot from what we were used to. Now we’ve seen what is possible with technology — including collaboration between teams in different locations. Can these changes be long-term? Explore that idea in this webinar on workplace collaboration.

The changing work environment

During this Commercial Integrator webinar, Simon Dudley of Logitech shares research on the ways the workplace may change. Jonathan Blackwood, editorial director for Commercial Integrator, guides the discussion, which includes topics like:

  • Work trends before the pandemic
  • Data collected during the migration from the workplace

Learn from Logitech about workplace collaboration

Dudley brings his insight into Logitech room collaboration systems like the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. You’ll be better able to take action for your company after learning about:

  • Logitech’s latest room collaboration solutions
  • What organizations are doing in to improve work in the changing workplace

Dudley also answers questions that have likely been on your mind, including:

  • How will travel be affected?
  • Will the sales department change?
  • What can integrators and their customers can implement into the office?

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The workforce is evolving. Whether your organization stays competitive depends on how you adapt to these changes.

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