Audio is among the top five meeting frustrations. Without clear, powerful audio, a meeting can’t function properly. Poor meetings will negatively impact your business. But you can improve the audio quality in your meeting spaces. And we’ll show you how.

This AVI-SPL webinar offers a high-level overview of audio issues that affect meetings and meeting spaces. It also gives you an exciting overview of Shure’s new ecosystem of solutions for AV conferencing. This webinar explains why good quality audio matters and provides resources for what you can do to achieve it. You’ll gain valuable knowledge on acoustics and speech intelligibility. And you’ll learn best practices for deploying well-designed conference rooms and meeting spaces.

How Shure Delivers Audio Quality in Meeting Spaces

During this AVI-SPL webinar, Troy Jensen and Chris Niemann of Shure address:

  • Background noise, acoustics, echo
  • Five common audio issues that affect IT/AV integrators
  • Tips and tricks to avoid these pitfalls
  • Shure products, including:

You’ll learn about the compatibility of these solutions with third-party platforms. Our panelists also cover Microsoft Teams certification and Shure technology that enhances the Microsoft Teams experience.

Answers to Your Questions

Troy and Chris answer questions about Shure products. Along the way they explain their configurations, differences in versions, features, and how they work.