When you’re able to remotely manage AV and collaboration devices, it becomes easier to support a positive user experience.

During this webinar presented by AVI-SPL and Legrand | AV, you’ll learn about the systems that can provide this capability.

Benefits When You Manage AV and Collaboration Devices

Remote management of business AV allows your team to manage and support business solutions and devices from a central location – without walking or driving to the spaces where those solutions are used. During this AVI-SPL webinar, John Stenzel of Legrand | AV shares the real benefits of remote management, including how it:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces labor expenses and site visits
  • Minimizes risk of exposure to viruses

Download the recording for a look at the ways remote management improves the user experience of your AV and collaboration systems.

Discover the Power of AVI-SPL Symphony

AVI-SPL and Legrand | AV work together to make it easier to remotely manage AV and collaboration devices. One way we do this is through AVI-SPL Symphony, the award-winning user management experience application. Laurie Berg, AVI-SPL director of AVI-SPL Symphony market development, shows you how. She explores the ways Symphony complements Legrand |AV. Some of Symphony’s capabilities include:

  • Analyze devices, rooms, tickets, meetings, and more to build customized reports
  • Reserve a room for maintenance while taking into account meetings and priorities
  • Monitor many endpoints and control them (on/off, up/down, reboot)
  • Set multiple types of thresholds with customizable values

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Watch and listen to this webinar to learn how to go from raw data to information that is ready to be viewed by your audience. In addition, you’ll have a dashboard with detailed reports so you can gauge the impact of your content. We look forward to your attendance at this look into the smart way to manage your business solutions.