Integrated collaboration solutions are key to a quality work experience. They empower us to work from almost anywhere. And they also give their organizations the ability to see how those solutions are being used while also managing them to improve the user experience. By integrating AV with IT, companies are in a strong position to move to a hybrid work model.

Integrating AV into IT

Now you learn more when you download the recording of the webinar “Integrating AV and Video Conferencing in an IoT World.” Jonathan Blackwood of Commercial Integrator and My TechDecisions was joined by Crestron’s Alex Peras and Jon Ottesen. Alex and Jon explained how you can bridge the gap between your workspaces and IT teams by integrating AV and video conferencing solutions that can be easily monitored and managed. To illustrate this concept, they discuss:

  • Implementing new workplace technology quickly and easily
  • Benefits of partnering with an AV integrator
  • How Crestron brings together your UC and AV experience to create a unified, IT-friendly platform

You’ll also learn about the way Crestron provides value for companies around the world by supporting a native Microsoft Teams or Zoom experience and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) capabilities.

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