The quality of your meeting room audio plays a big role in determining whether your meetings are productive.

During this webinar, you’ll help your employees collaborate with one another. You’ll also learn about tactics and specific audio solutions that can create positive experiences among meeting attendees. This event is presented by AVI-SPL and Commercial Integrator and includes insight from Darryl Bryans and Steve Miller of Bose Professional.

Strategies for Quality Meeting Room Audio

Bryans and Miller explain:

  • Importance of clear audio
  • Ways to reduce noise in different meeting areas
  • How to deliver quality audio
  • The effect of unified communications on audio in meeting spaces

You’ll understand why audio is the most important must-have for productive meetings of all kinds, including video conferences. Bryans and Miller also share their insight into sound masking and sound absorption. They illustrate their explanations with visuals and explain how to solve for quality audio in different room sizes.

Discover Bose Audio Solutions

You’ll see Bose products like the Videobar VB1, an all-in-one USB conferencing solution, and the ES1 ceiling audio solution, which is certified for Microsoft Teams. It combines a loudspeaker, microphone, amplifier, and processor. Discover the ability of Bose technology to target microphones so they only pick up intended speakers and direct sounds to create a natural meeting experience. This overview of Bose solutions includes illustrations that show how the underlying technology provides a quality experience.

Answers to Your Questions About Meeting Room Audio

The presenters also answer technical questions about the featured Bose solutions and meeting room audio.  They address issues like stopping reflected sound in different areas, and when to use different types of microphone beams. If you have questions after reviewing this webinar, reach out to AVI-SPL and one of our experts will respond.