The workplaces we return to need to be better than the ones we left before the pandemic. We also need to have a better overall experience of work collaboration – wherever we might be. And who better to help us create the hybrid work model than Microsoft?

Understanding the hybrid office

During this Commercial Integrator webinar, Mehryn Corrigan and Jimmy Vaughan of Microsoft explain the specifics of a functional hybrid office. They also apply their knowledge of Microsoft Teams Rooms and partner devices to explain:

  • What organizations are doing to improve work
  • How integrators can implement solutions into their customers’ workplaces

Learn from Microsoft’s experts

Mehryn Corrigan is an incubation sales executive for Microsoft Teams Rooms at Microsoft. She addresses relevant topics and information, including:

  • Market research outlining the specifics of what makes up a functional hybrid office
  • What organizations are doing in real time to better facilitate work in the changing workplace

Jimmy Vaughan, partner technical specialist at Microsoft, discusses the specifications of the collaboration technology. You’ll understand:

  • How solutions talk to one another
  • What devices are certified
  • How integrators and their customers can implement them into the office

During the roundtable discussion, Jimmy and Mehryn further contextualize this information and round out what the hybrid office will look like.

Download this AVI-SPL webinar with Microsoft

The hybrid office is a work in progress. We’ve adapted to the disruption to stay connected as best we can. Now is the time to plan for how we want to work from the office and from home and connect our talent.