Meeting equity is the hot new buzzword. In reality, the challenge of creating equal experiences for in-person and remote participants has been around for a while. The hybrid workplace simply brought the issue of meeting equity to the forefront and made it exponentially more important to address. 

We sat down with our partner at Avocor to talk about meeting equity, including what it is and how companies can achieve it in the modern hybrid workplace. 

What Is Meeting Equity? 

The term meeting equity means creating equal experiences for meeting participants across all workspaces. These include meeting rooms, training spaces, remote work locations, and across all meeting platforms. 

In today’s workplace, video has joined audio as the standard for collaboration. As a result, an equitable meeting experience has to include reliable video capabilities for every participant. To achieve true employee engagement, teams must be able to see and hear each other no matter where they are. 

Meeting Equity Essentials

3 Things Companies Can Do to Achieve Meeting Equity in the Hybrid Workplace

  • Don’t wait to get the technology solutions you need. The AV industry is facing supply shortages, shipping delays, and other challenges. Companies should start making plans now for the collaboration technology they need in the near future. 
  • Make purchase decisions based on new spaces, not old ones. When employees do return to the office, the spaces they come back to won’t be the same ones they left. Meeting rooms, training spaces, and even desks will be configured differently to accommodate a hybrid model. Make sure you are choosing solutions—hardware and software—that match your redesigned spaces.
  • Start thinking ahead. Companies need to act now to get the audio and video technology they need for the immediate future, but don’t stop there. Start thinking now about where you want your company and your meeting room technology to be in one to two years. Think about the additional collaboration challenges you might face. Long-term planning will help you ensure your AV tools won’t become obsolete.

Start Building a More Equitable Hybrid Workplace Today

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