Why now is the time to get started with large-format LED

In our latest episode of The Collaboration Space, Scott Hoaglund, Senior Sales Manager for Samsung Electronics America, joins Nancy Lussier to discuss large-format direct view LED displays (dvLED). Scott provides solutions to common challenges that have held companies back from using large-format dvLED and why now is the time to get started.


Discover why now is the time to get started with large-format dvLED. Watch the podcast to learn more.

Why now is the time for large-format dvLED displays

Companies are adopting direct view LED displays at a greater rate than in the past and instead of options like projectors or LCD video walls. Large-format dvLEDs are common in corporate meeting spaces such as boardrooms, conference rooms, and lobbies. Technology buyers like large-format dvLEDs because they:

  1. Cost less than in the past.
  2. Are easier to install than other types of displays.
  3. Require less maintenance than other solutions.

Why total cost of ownership is important is important

If you aren’t considering the total cost of ownership for dvLED, you’re missing out on the potential to meet or exceed your ROI. While your initial cost might be higher than other solutions, the longevity of dvLED technology will greatly outweigh the initial cost.

Direct view LED is rated to run for at least 100,000 hours. So even if you run your displays 24/7, that would still be a lifespan of over 11 years. Samsung’s advanced lifecycle testing shows that their dvLED displays will last even longer than the specified 100,000 hours.Also, a direct view LED wall is virtually maintenance free. You don’t have to recalibrate the panels and there are no lamps to replace. 

Large-format dvLED walls are less complex to install

Traditionally, dvLED displays have been a modular solution. Integrators would install a mount, add each LED cabinet, then do seaming and alignment. That is still true to a certain degree, but Samsung has simplified their dvLED displays so they are easier to install. When dvLED panels were modular, a video wall that is 110”-146” would take 3-4 days to install. Now, you can install the same-sized wall in less than a day.

Get the dvLED support you need from Samsung and AVI-SPL

Once a customer decides to move forward with a large-format dvLED wall, Samsung will have an internal kick-off call that includes Samsung and AVI-SPL team members. During the call, the team will review a comprehensive list of items that go into a dvLED installation, including HVAC, electrical requirements, and the wall that the dvLED solution will be mounted on. This checklist covers everything related to the installation before even stepping onsite, leading to a quick and safe installation.

Are you ready to update your meeting spaces to include the “wow” factor of large-format dvLED panels? Get in touch with AVI-SPL today