Cisco and Microsoft Teams improve the user experience

How do you provide a better user experience in meetings? One way is to provide a native platform experience for all participants. In this Collaboration Space podcast, Patrick Eustace, Senior Product Lead at Cisco explains how Cisco brings a native Microsoft Teams experience to meeting room devices.

How Cisco RoomOS Powers Native Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams experiences

How has Cisco changed the Microsoft Teams user experience?


In addition to providing native Webex experiences to a Cisco device, a native Microsoft Teams experience is now available on the same device at the same time. 

If an organization has standardized on Microsoft Teams as their UCC platform, providing a native Microsoft Teams experience on meeting room devices will give end users the same experience that is available on mobile devices and laptops. 

For example, when a user enters a room and wants to join a Microsoft Teams meeting, it only takes the push of one button on the Cisco device. This provides a consistent experience for the participant, allowing them to join the meeting the same way, regardless of location. 

Cisco recently launched a UI update, RoomOS 11. This update provides a modern feel as well as interoperability so users can easily connect to any platform of their choice.


How does Cisco provide interoperability for other UCC platforms?


Do you know how many meeting platforms are used in your organization? According to Cisco, 85% of organizations use two or more UCC platforms. One reason this happens is that users are meeting with external partners who favor a third-party UCC platform. Another reason is that the organization has given employees a choice in which UCC platform to use. 

With the Cisco experience, users can walk into a meeting room and join a Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom meeting quickly and easily. This is where the flexibility of the Cisco RoomOS experience comes into play, by providing interoperability and allowing users to connect to the UCC platform of their choice. When participants have fewer distractions and tech issues during a meeting, productivity increases. 

According to Cisco, 98% of meetings will have at least one remote attendee. With hybrid work common in most organizations, it is important that remote attendees feel as comfortable and included in meetings as in-office meeting attendees do.


Which Cisco features enhance hybrid work?


Cisco devices have a number of intelligence features built in. This intelligence is located in cameras, microphones, and the platforms. Let’s take a further look:

  • Camera framing. The framing in Cisco devices will work regardless of which UCC platform you are using. For example, if you join a call and there are multiple people in the room, the camera will detect multiple faces and provide a clear, cropped picture of the individuals in the room. 
  • Microphones. Audio intelligence in the Cisco device will reduce background noise. This ensures that everyone clearly hears the speaker.
  • Platform. There are several sensors built into Cisco devices. This ensures from an admin or workplace intelligence perspective that the environment is as safe as possible for workers to come back into the office. For example, sensors can show office humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels.

All of that intelligence enhances hybrid work by providing the best possible experience for end users. Organizations also benefit by seeing workspaces used frequently, showing a positive ROI on their real estate investment. 

Cisco devices with Microsoft Teams capabilities are available for many meeting spaces—including huddles spaces, boardrooms, and ideation rooms. Cisco offers a complete suite of certified video endpoints for Microsoft Teams for home offices, hot desking, and meeting spaces.


Provide the best meeting experience for users


Launching or joining a call should be as easy as pressing one button. AVI-SPL and Cisco provide end users with the best technology solutions to enhance meeting experiences. If you need help providing interoperability in your meeting spaces, get in touch with AVI-SPL today.