Cisco Announces New Webex at WebexOne

Last week, Cisco introduced the all-new Webex, its solution for video conferencing, content sharing, webinars, and online meetings. At a time when more of our meetings are virtual, Cisco is meeting the demand for better collaboration experiences.

Highlights of the new Webex

At its WebexOne event, Cisco gave insight into the newest Webex, the easy-to-use and secure app for calling, messaging and meeting. It also features built-in intelligence, so the updated Webex enables equal experiences for everyone. We’ll highlight just a few of the dozens of innovations released. Some of the more prominent ones include:

  • Gestures: AI body language recognition allows everyone to participate in their own way
  • Real-time translations: Removes barriers across 10 languages
  • Immersive share: Share your presentation, video or application as a dynamic background with your video overlaid for a more engaging experience
  • Advanced video layouts: Stage, stacked, side-by-side, or use slider controls to customize
  • Roundtable and quick sync meeting: Templates apply meeting formats that give everyone a chance to speak
  • Expanded event experiences: Reach large audiences with interactive events that scale up to 25K attendees and livestream to 100K

Still to come from Webex

Webex is transforming the desktop, too, with a flexible suite of new devices. Two of those will be available in January 2021:

  • Webex Desk Camera: 4K ultra-HD video with premium performance cloud management
  • Webex Wireless Phone (860 & 840 devices): Rugged smartphone for frontline use

Cisco is planning on releasing another two new devices for summer 2021. Those releases include:

  • Webex Desk Hub: Personalized collaboration experience at any desk
  • Webex Desk: Integrated all-in-one smart display for collaboration and co-creation

This new suite of devices addresses the expanded hybrid and work-from-home scenarios and use cases facing us all.

Learn more about the new Webex

Cisco introduced plenty of other innovative experiences with smart hybrid work solutions such as immersive presenter and broadcast studio capabilities from your device. To learn more about these and other features, connect with AVI-SPL. We welcome hearing about your challenges to workplace collaboration. We can also answer any questions you have about the new Webex, including how it can work in your organization.