Considerations for digital display upgrades in federal offices

As more government workers return to their offices, they desire flexibility and quickness in federal workspaces. Improvements to digital displays in federal offices, specifically command and control centers, can help drive that flexibility and speed.

IT has multiple AV and UCC technologies to choose from for workplace upgrades. But due to work environment considerations, like siloed department strategies, heightened security, risk aversion, and limited budgets, adding new digital display technology can be challenging.  

So how can you account for these considerations? 

How Samsung addresses federal workplace digital display considerations


The evolution of cybersecurity protocols will continue to grow and largely dictate what workplace AV and collaboration technologies meet the highest of security standards.

Currently, you can help streamline the digital display upgrade process by reviewing solutions manufactured in or by TAA-approved countries.

Solutions like Samsung desktop monitors are manufactured in Mexico, a TAA compliant location.

All Samsung display solutions are built and installed to meet exacting Common Criteria requirements. An international set of security standards for IT products, and the largest of its kind in the world.

Workspace conditions

Video walls and interactive displays allow teams to watch, switch between, interact with, and share content, live video feeds, and data. While flexible, these displays are designed for specific environments.

When planning to install new displays, it is important to consider:

  • Viewing distances and experiences
  • Lighting conditions
  • Space layouts
  • Usage and power requirements
  • How users present and interact with on-screen content

Samsung offers a variety of unique audio visual and unified communications solutions that take these considerations into account.

Clear on-screen data and video for all

Whether watching live mission feeds or analyzing data patterns on large control room displays, your personnel must be able to clearly see and interact with what is on-screen.

Samsung’s The Wall is a customizable indoor microLED video wall for command centers and immersive environments.

The Wall provides a high-level viewing experience for everyone with its smooth display canvas, featuring:

  • Micron-sized pixels on a black background for high contrast
  • HDR10+ tech to bring out the brightest and darkest visual details

The Wall:

Make a bold statement | Samsung

Make every experience immersive.

The Wall features a redundant system design. That design gives it the ability to have off-board power.  The LED wall can be powered consistently ensuring zero downtime even in the worst scenarios.

Boost engagement across departments

In a command center or a conference room, users need to present crisp visuals and collaborate in real-time. As you visualize the placement of digital displays in your meeting spaces, consider your team’s desire for flexibility and interaction.

Upgrade digital displays by empowering engagement with co-workers, other agencies, or departments. Modern displays can re-shape the meeting experience with:

  • Easy content access
  • Screen mirroring for simple content projection
  • Live touchscreen annotation
  • Stunning resolution

Powered by their secure content management platform, Samsung interactive displays are built for team collaboration. Teams can collaborate, create, and share content seamlessly. 

Hybrid team training needs

Think about your trainees, on-site and remote, as you plan training room display upgrades.

New interactive whiteboard software can take training from a standard lecture to a group conversation among on-site and remote trainees. Placing interactive whiteboards and displays in training rooms turns federal facilities into interactive learning environments.

Solutions like Samsung’s Flip WM85R allow teachers and trainees on-site and virtually to:

  • Interact through videoconferencing
  • Share insights from personal devices to the big screen
  • Touch and modify content live
  • Fluidly write and share educational content
  • Save content to a secure central repository for easy access

For those preparing to enter mission-critical environments, simulating what is to come is a great way to prepare trainees.

Samsung’s IF series large flexible displays can project crystal clear video landscapes that put your teams virtually in the trenches.

The Samsung Flip 2 WM85R

Learn everything about the interactive meeting space and training room display.

Rigid federal workplace processes

Samsung solutions or not, you must select the right displays that fit the larger federal work environment.

And selecting the appropriate AV and UC tools, requires a thorough and time-consuming approval process.

Of course, with more approvals comes more time and resources dedicated to federal workplace redesign.

However, with the support of a third-party collaboration technology provider, you could cut down R&D time and get your solutions faster.

Working with multiple department stakeholders, a third party provider can dedicate entire teams to tech discovery, design, deployment, and operation.

Limited budgets

Budgets are a concern in any industry.

That is why AVI-SPL offers flexible subscription plans. These plans let you combine your hardware, software licensing, and management needs into a bundled solution.

Your personalized bundle lets you integrate display modifications faster, while keeping costs feasible and predictable. 

AVI-SPL, your partner for Samsung digital display integration and management

AVI-SPL can design, deploy, manage, and optimize Samsung displays to fit your platform and space requirements.  

We have over 25 years of experience implementing advanced and secure audio visual and unified communications solutions in federal work environments. 

AVI-SPL Federal Government Collaboration Technology

We collaborate with your stakeholders to design and integrate these solutions to help ensure every public servant can do their job with purpose and dexterity.

Contact AVI-SPL for more on how we design and deliver modern, agile federal business or mission-critical environments with Samsung AV solutions.