Create Great Collaboration Experiences for Your Hybrid Workforce

Companies and organizations have taken many steps to prepare for employees returning to the office—plexiglass partitions around desks, hand sanitizer stations and social distancing requirements all come to mind. While these changes will keep returning workers healthy and safe, companies also need to update their meeting rooms and meeting room technology to keep their employees productive.

With hybrid work now the norm and the expectation, companies need to upgrade their conference rooms to support Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls, and other forms of virtual collaboration to ensure meeting equity for all participants. Without the right meeting room technology, a successful hybrid collaboration session is going to be a challenge, leaving participants frustrated.

Outdated Collaboration Tools Mean Meetings Suffer

There are lots of things people miss about the pre-pandemic world, but a poor quality meeting experience is not one of them. Without widespread adoption of remote work, many companies were getting by with the bare minimum of video conferencing equipment. Remote participants couldn’t hear or see everyone clearly. Even meeting participants in the room struggled to communicate clearly without adequate audio coverage, display technology, and collaboration tools.

Post-Pandemic Meeting Rooms Need Updated Conferencing Solutions

The post-pandemic meeting experience needs to support a hybrid workforce. That means making upgrades. Meeting rooms need technology that allows everyone to be seen and heard clearly, especially when meeting participants are socially distanced within the room, or not in the room at all. Meeting participants ought to have AV solutions designed for simplicity and ease of use as well.

Companies will also likely have to convert additional spaces such as lobbies and common areas into ad hoc meeting rooms. To do this, they will need mobile conferencing solutions that can quickly make any space ready for collaboration. This will also help maintain social distancing requirements and benefit employees who move between working from home and the office.

Legrand AV Has Mobile Conferencing Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

Two brands from Legrand AV — Middle Atlantic and Vaddio — have teamed up to provide a mobile conferencing solution that meets the evolving needs of today’s hybrid workforce.

The FlexView™ Conferencing Cart with HuddleSHOT FC  is a mobile conferencing center equipped with a conferencing camera with integrated speakers and microphones. It just needs a display and a laptop or computer to join Microsoft Teams or Zoom video meetings from anywhere, anytime.

The wide-angle lens ensures everyone is on camera, even in socially distanced environments. And the cart’s mobility and flexibility lets it convert any non-traditional space into a productive meeting space quickly and easily.

Integration Experts Can Deploy the Hybrid Meeting Rooms You Need

There are challenges ahead as the workplace adjusts in the post-pandemic age, but the right AV technology can make the transition smoother for everyone. Contact AVI-SPL today to improve your hybrid workforce collaboration.