Top 3 Hybrid Workplace Business Outcomes: Inclusive Meetings, Agility, and Security

The hybrid workplace is here to stay for the long term. It’s the ideal time to determine if you have the software and hardware that delivers meeting equity. Inclusive meetings powered by Microsoft Surface Hub 2S can support this new way of working.

Microsoft provides technology solutions that transcend physical space. You’ll help your employees stay connected and productive from anywhere. Read on to see how this technology supports business outcomes such as inclusivity, business agility, and security in today’s workplace.

To help achieve these goals, leaders must reimagine how online meetings are conducted.  Hybrid meetings must help ensure business continuity and sustain company culture and values in a virtual setting. In fact, according to research by Gartner, maintaining corporate culture in a hybrid workplace is the top concern for 30 percent of business leaders.

Create Inclusive Meeting Experiences for Every Employee, Everywhere  

Hybrid teams need to connect and collaborate from anywhere. Virtual interactions between hybrid team members should feel natural and engaging. Participants must be able to read body language and facial expressions and authentically communicate in real time.

To achieve this level of interaction, technology can help dissolve the typical constructs of distance. This all leads to delivering meeting equity, a foundation of a successful hybrid workplace.

Meeting equity means you are creating equal and inclusive experiences for participants across all your workspaces. The right meeting room technology can give everyone a front seat to the action, no matter if they are joining from the office or home.

two team members using Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in meeting with team

Enhance Agility with Microsoft Surface Hub

Technology that allows teams to move freely between workspaces powers productivity and business agility. Employees will be able to pivot between meeting in the office, on the road, and at home with ease.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S can help participants collaborate and share information, whether they are in a shared meeting space or joining from a remote location. The optional stand and battery let you move the device to different rooms quickly and easily.

Keep Shared Data Secure

In addition to boosting agility, Microsoft Surface Hub running on Windows 10 can help keep meetings and shared data secure. 

  • In a shared space with the Teams OS, files and applications are protected with each new sign-in.
  • Meeting sessions are deleted so that information is never left on the device after the user signs out.
  • When a user signs in, they’re signed in only to the apps or services, not to the operating system.
  • Leverages enterprise-grade modern security capabilities that IT admins can configure to fit their companies’ unique security and compliance policies.
  • Avoid passwords completely by quickly signing in with personal FIDO2 protocol security keys or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • With the Conditional Access tool (used by Azure AD), IT admins can deploy device-level security policies to their Azure AD–joined Surface Hub 2S.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Features that Support Desired Business Outcomes Include: 

  • A large-screen display that makes remote participants feel like they are in the room
  • Integrated 4K cameras for direct engagement between meeting participants that goes beyond screen sharing
  • A large, interactive touch screen that allows presenters to move content and highlight key points, while social distancing
  • Interactive whiteboard technology so every attendee can actively participate whether they are in the room or joining from a personal device
  • Simple technology deployment and mobility so the Surface Hub 2S can easily go wherever you need it

Add even more benefits when teams use Microsoft Teams with Surface Hub 2S. Surface
Hub 2S devices running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise have the same Microsoft Teams desktop features as Windows 10 PCs. These include group chat, file sharing, and the ability to record meetings.

Hybrid teams can also use Together Mode, a meeting experience where everyone feels like they’re sitting in the same room. Cloud connectivity allows team members to join meetings and access content on their own devices from anywhere in the world. 

Let Us Help You Deliver Hybrid Workplace Business Outcomes

Hybrid work is now a long-term reality—and a necessity. Explore collaboration solutions like Microsoft Surface Hub 2S that help you deliver desired business outcomes. You’ll remove the boundaries between remote and in-person workers to support inclusive meetings, business agility, and security.

Let us help you deliver Microsoft solutions in your hybrid workplace. Contact AVI-SPL today.