Ave Maria University

Mission: Integrate Seamless AV Systems

The Ave Maria University and Oratory required AV systems that would blend with its impressive architecture. To easily manage the broad range of systems connected to the campus network, AMU also needed a network operations center (NOC).

AVI-SPL was selected to  integrate AV systems in classrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, dining areas and the NOC.

Action: Powerful Sound and Video

The network operations center features a 2-by-2 cube array that can be monitored on the Web from remote locations. Cable TV channels, along with Ave Maria’s own channels, are distributed throughout the campus via digital broadcast/streaming, and storage equipment allows for capturing, recording and distributing programming.

In integrating the audio solution for the Oratory, steerable line array column speakers are located at the front of the space, with delay speakers positioned under the balcony for speech reinforcement. Separate program audio speakers face the front from above the balcony, providing reinforcement of the choir and organ.

Impact: Improved Campus Management of AV

The network operations center is the centerpiece of technology for the university, allowing operators to monitor campus-wide systems including AV, life safety, fire, security, data, HVAC and water systems.

AMU students can clearly see and hear the material presented in the 15 classrooms and training rooms through the use of bright projection and crisp audio systems, and the Oratory’s sound system ensures that all 1,100 worshipers can easily hear the priest, choir and musical accompaniments.

AMU staff can easily monitor all critical networked systems through the network operations center. In the event of an emergency, the NOC allows AMU to quickly pinpoint the problem and communicate with the entire campus through digital signage, audio and alarm systems.