Belden Customer Collaboration Center

Mission: Create a Hands-On Experience

In light of Belden’s recent acquisitions and decades of industry experience, the company’s Customer Collaboration Center in Indianapolis, Ind., was designed to give end users hands-on experience with the wide range of cable, connectivity and networking solutions from Belden, Grass Valley, PPC, and other Belden brands.

Belden’s offerings include solutions for signal acquisition, energy efficiency, cable, connectivity and enclosures. Belden entrusted AVI-SPL with integrating these kinds of systems into its broadcast studio. The Customer Collaboration Center includes three conference rooms, a fourth conference room equipped with video collaboration, a café, a data center, industrial demo room, and a broadcast studio.

“Our customers are able to actively participate in the process of content creation, editing, and final production.” -Elizabeth Stephan, account manager, Belden

Action: Solutions Across the Facility

The facility covers about 1,500 square feet and rests on the first floor of Belden’s Americas headquarters. AVI-SPL worked across multiple spaces, including the broadcast studio, control rooms, and a home living room scenario. Our team of engineers integrated these areas with a news desk, green screen, cameras, a video board, and audio board.

The Data Center demonstrates Belden’s cable, connectivity and enclosure solutions, showing the value of pre-terminated cabling, energy efficiency, efficient cooling and the customizable solutions that Belden offers. Customers will be able to interact up close and personal with the enclosure solutions and see firsthand how its power monitoring and cooling technologies work.

Industrial networking and on-machine demos highlight Belden systems on a fully functional machine that could be found in any industrial environment. The space also features products found in enclosed and enclosureless environments: Lumberg Automation connectors, Hirschmann and GarrettCom Ethernet switches and routers, Tofino Security’s cyber security products, as well as a variety of cord sets, cable and connectors.

Impact: Guests Can Build a Customized Solution

In Belden’s Customer Collaboration Center, guests can get a visual and hands-on experience into how Belden is innovating to meet the needs of its customers in the industrial, broadcast AV and enterprise markets. The center averages a couple of tours a week, consisting of visitors brought in through Belden’s sales team.

With guidance from industry experts, customers can interact with the product displays and build a customized solution that improves the transmission of data, audio and video signals. They can also meet with experts, explain their issues, and Belden can design a network infrastructure system that meets their needs today and into the future.

The studio is fully functional and demonstrates Belden’s integrated broadcast solutions. Guests can take part in a live recording and receive a flash drive of their experience.

“The studio allows us the opportunity to showcase the interaction between the Belden, Grass Valley, and PPC product sets,” says Elizabeth Stephan, AVI-SPL Account Manager at Belden. “Our customers are able to actively participate in the process of content creation, editing, and final production.”

Just as the center helps guests become familiar with an array of technology offerings, it also enables Belden engineers to understand its customers’ requirements so they can build customized solutions and systems on demand.

“Demonstrating our solutions face-to-face with customers allows us to understand their pain points and discuss ways Belden’s innovations can address their toughest infrastructure challenges,”added Doug Waldal, Belden’s VP Broadcast & AV Solutions. “We invite you to come interact with the products and demos in our CCC.”

If you’re unable to make a trip to the CCC in Indianapolis, please click here to watch the video.