Cooke County Electric Cooperative

Mission: Solutions for Data Acquisition

“With the construction of our new Dispatch Control Center in 2010, the CCEC sought innovative technology that would allow us to effectively use our electronic maps and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system,” says IT Manager Jason Harrison, CCEC.

Based in Muenster, Texas, Cooke County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) is a rural non-profit organization that serves nearly 13,000 members.

Action: Video Wall for Ultimate Control

AVI-SPL’s CRG design engineers chose narrow bezel LCD technology, designed in a 2-high-by-2-wide matrix of 46-inch display panels.

“The video wall is the perfect piece of collaborative equipment, allowing us to gather large groups to view critical information.”- Jason Harrison, IT Manager, Cooke County Electric Cooperative

The video wall is driven by an industry-standard video processor, featuring a Web-based operator interface for user-friendly applications. Multiple operator-controlled presets allow the video wall display configuration to be modified as necessary.

Two 72-inch operator consoles have front- and rear-access doors, allowing for easy entry to the housed equipment. They’re equipped with task lighting, drawers, an adjustable keyboard shelf, PC storage, cooling fans and three 19-inch adjustable monitors.

An advanced audio system includes a digital signal processing source, high-quality amplifiers and desktop speakers, all of which is controlled by an HDMI system.

Impact: Control Room Operations That Increase Productivity

The CCEC’s solution was designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain, with limited-to-no maintenance costs. The technology equips operators with a near seamless display surface. With this set up, control room operators can make changes at the simple push of a button. The video processor also provides the simultaneous display of multiple video and or data sources, based upon the needs of the operations staff. The system easily facilitates their review of the SCADA system, server data and other information displayed on the video wall.

“The video wall is the perfect piece of collaborative equipment, allowing us to gather large groups to view critical information,” says Harrison. “We’re most impressed by the flexibility of the unit, including its scalability. This technology certainly raises our capabilities for productivity and effectiveness with our customers.”