Denbury Resources

Mission: Improve Communications — And Do It Fast

When Denbury Resources decided to makeover its Plano, Texas, headquarters, the energy company saw it as an opportunity to also improve the speed, clarity and effectiveness of its communications with video conferencing. For AVI-SPL, it was the kind of challenge that it has excelled at over the years – working with and around other trades to provide a solution that brings a client’s inspired, ambitious vision to life.

“We realized that video conferencing would give us the necessary resources to save on travel costs and increase productivity, as well as improve the speed and clarity of communications across the organization.” -Steve Shanks, network engineer, Denbury Resources

Denbury Resources works with its engineering teams spread out across more than 50 offices nationwide and in the field. To improve the speed and clarity of its communications, the growing independent oil and gas company needed a system that would cut down on travel costs while bolstering efficiency and productivity. And it needed that system in time for the completion of its new headquarters in Plano, Texas.

“We realized that video conferencing would give us the necessary resources to save on travel costs and increase productivity, as well as improve the speed and clarity of communications across the organization,” says Steve Shanks, Denbury network engineer.

At the client’s request, AVI-SPL had to work fast to implement its collaboration solution while partnering with Denbury’s architectural firm and team of consultants. “This was a very fast-paced job,” says Shanks. “We basically had to tear out roughly 300,000 square feet of our headquarters.”

Action: Empowering With New Connections

Construction on Denbury’s Plano headquarters began in May of 2010. By January of the following year, AVI-SPL had fitted three of its floors and 18 rooms with new technology that transformed the way the energy company works and collaborates.

In conference rooms, LifeSize video conferencing brings together Denbury’s regional offices, while Crestron solutions provide the connectivity and control over the end-to-end digital network.

Of Denbury’s 41 conference rooms, 22 have video conferencing systems. The rest are equipped for audio collaboration, with technology that allows participants to join the audio portion of video calls. AVI-SPL accommodated the movable table configurations in the conference rooms with 10 wireless Biamp microphone systems. A Biamp digital signal processor enables these versatile microphones to be placed anywhere in the room, so that every attendee, regardless of where they sit, can be heard clearly at all times.

If trouble should arise with any of the components, help is just a touch away. Denbury’s IT technicians can be anywhere in the building and be able to remotely assist with presentation needs, saving time and delivering efficiency for troubleshooting.

Impact: Better Connections Build a Valuable Partnership

As it had planned, Denbury moved into its new home in January 2011. Since then, the new audio and video communications added by AVI-SPL have significantly improved the efficiency of its engineering teams. In the field offices, LifeSize Express 220 video conferencing facilitates face-to-face meetings, while reducing Denbury’s high volume of printing needs for project maps, bringing them closer to their goal of becoming paperless.

“It keeps people from having to get on a plane,” says Shanks.  “It also saves the company thousands of dollars.”

A standout of the integration for Denbury is the boardroom’s circular jumbotron. This tailored solution features six 40” Sharp LCD displays which participants use to view content.

“It’s a big wow factor for when guests come into the building,” notes Shanks.  Participants at the 20-seat boardroom roundtable comfortably view presentations on the jumbotron while discussing content around a 20-seat roundtable. Users can easily raise and lower display by using the wireless control.

Since the project began, the relationship between AVI-SPL and Denbury has grown into a trusted partnership, one that includes additional phases in 2012 for video conferencing, audio conferencing and presentation rooms.  A two-year managed services contract with AVI-SPL frees up Denbury staff from having to devote resources that are needed elsewhere.