First Baptist Oviedo

Mission: Enhance the Worship Experience

Church leaders at First Baptist Oviedo wanted to embrace technology to make an even greater impact on their congregation.

“We wanted to enhance the overall worship experience by bringing an exceptional clarity of sound for both music and the spoken word, and upgrade the video and lighting experiences for the congregation,” says Joe Allen, chairman of the church’s technology committee. In addition, we needed user-friendly technology that could easily be operated by a large volunteer staff, and also fit into our budget.”

“When we opened the building, if you saw everyone’s faces, they were not only in awe of the building and the size but the clarity of the speech that comes through the speakers and everything being high definition.” – Josh Felix, senior production associate, First Baptist Oviedo

With seating for nearly 2,800, the main sanctuary is a large-capacity area that requires a perfect sound system.

“With designs from WaveGuide Consulting in Atlanta, one of the primary functions of the AV systems in this facility is to support First Baptist’s live services on Sunday morning,” says Senior Design Engineer Ed Sullivan. “This includes sound reinforcement for the 150-person choir and 35-piece traditional orchestra at 9:30 a.m., as well as the contemporary band at 11 a.m.”

Action: Create Efficient Audio and Video Solutions

AVI-SPL’s solutions for First Baptist include fiber cabling, cameras, projectors, screens and video playback systems.

To provide live streaming and distribution of the church’s pre-recorded sermons, AVI-SPL installed a DigiDesign digital mixing console and wireless rack with 16 channels with antenna distribution, a wireless router of Crestron control and an intercom remote station in the sound booth.

“One of the big advantages we now have is the multi-screen display. Previously, for all the different camera shots and different video sources, we had individual monitors. This took up a lot of space, a lot of power and gave off a lot of heat and noise. Now with our Panasonic switcher, we’re able to multi-display and get rid of all those smaller monitors.”

Impact: Production-Quality Services

By using fiber studio cabling, the church gains the benefits of high-definition production quality. Three Sony cameras provide high-quality footage of sermons, while video systems are used primarily for video playback, I-Mag (image magnification) and presentation support.

Three live cameras and two graphics computers easily display close-ups of the pastor and the soloists, as well as lyrics and other information important to the services.

The lighting/image booth contains a user-friendly and fully-functional lighting console from ETC, HD-SDI video switcher, DVD, Blu-ray and PC playback, and an intercom remote station. For added convenience, two rehearsal rooms feature interconnected systems with video projection and AV feeds from the main production room.

“One of the main goals working with AVI-SPL is we needed everything to be easy to use yet professional since our staff is made up of volunteers. The congregation is about 4,000 between the two services and the quality has just gone through the roof,” says Josh Felix, senior production associate, First Baptist Oviedo.

“In addition to our Sunday service, bands on tour now come to our facility. They love using our facility because everything is fine-tuned for this building,” Felix added. “When we opened the building, if you saw everyone’s faces, they were not only in awe of the building and the size but the clarity of the speech that comes through the speakers and everything being high definition, the large screens and just he layout of everything. It’s really enhanced worship.”

“The overall response from the congregation has been wonderful, and the staff is extremely pleased with final product,” says Allen.