Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

Mission: Support for Video Conferencing Systems

Fleming’s, a chain of upscale steakhouse restaurants that operates across the U.S., looks to make its operations run smoothly by streamlining processes among its locations. In order to ensure consistency and efficiency of service, Fleming’s had implemented Cisco video conferencing systems to connect each restaurant. Executives collaborate over video for internal meetings, while chefs and hosts use it to train other locations at the same time on new menu items and software upgrades.

“Once we had Cisco TelePresence in all 65 Fleming’s and our home office, it was a huge increase in engagement with our communication,” says Maeve Pesquera, national director of wine for Fleming’s.

“It makes it much more simple for the team to engage, interact, ask questions and truly be a part of the process.” – Craig Sheppard, national IT services director, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

After Fleming’s launched video conferencing in all of its locations, the company partnered with AVI-SPL to support and maintain existing equipment and infrastructure.

“AVI-SPL’s nationwide footprint for on-site support technicians was attractive,” says Craig Sheppard, Fleming’s National IT Services Director.

Action: Onboarding for Customer Support

AVI-SPL connected its HelpDesk with Fleming’s video conferencing endpoints in order to support them across 65 of its restaurants and two corporate locations.  Jake Gilray, AVI-SPL sales manager, says that onboarding the video units into the HelpDesk was a quick process.

After receiving a call from a Fleming’s end user, HelpDesk staff will troubleshoot the problem on the phone and deploy a tech if necessary.

“We have an 800 number on the back of all of our systems,” says Sheppard. “Everyone knows when you call that number, someone’s going to be on the other end to help you out.”

Since the establishing the partnership, AVI-SPL has also supplied additional video conferencing units upon request.

Impact: Assistance That’s a Phone Call Away

Personnel in the restaurants and corporate offices use the video conferencing for company meetings, training, wine tastings and the rollout of new menu items, such as new cuts of steak.

“Anytime we do a new menu rollout or have important company news we’d like to share with the team, it definitely calls for video collaboration,” says Sheppard. All sessions are interactive, collaborative and recorded for future playback. From live wine seminars to chefs collaborating on our latest menu offerings, video has enabled Fleming’s to provide an exceptional experience for our guests.

“It makes it much more simple for the team to engage, interact, ask questions and truly be a part of the process. There’s absolutely no part of our restaurant that doesn’t use video conferencing.”

Guests use video conferencing during their meals, most often for business purposes. It’s a benefit that Fleming’s says is helping drive usage of its private dining rooms.