Florida Department of Transportation, District 6

Mission: Respond to Traffic Situations

For the Florida Department of Transportation, District 6, SunGuide Traffic Management Center (TMC) in Miami, the goal is to respond early and accurately traffic incidents and traffic congestion. AVI-SPL worked with the FDOT to integrate systems that would assist in carrying out those responsibilities on a 24/7 basis.

Action: Multiple Sources, One Display

We implemented a 31-by-10-foot video wall of Barco cubes, which are visible to operators because of ergonomic workstations that offer clear lines of sight to the displays. Other systems include digital signage, voice/data communications, and closed-circuit television.

Impact: Energy Efficient and High-Def Visuals

FDOT operators have a  flexible and interactive view of more than 40 video sources taken from the network simultaneously. AVI-SPL also accommodated the FDOT’s future plans for its District 6 office. From its workstations, the staff monitors and controls closed-circuit cameras, dynamic message signs, vehicle detectors and dispatches Road Rangers Service Patrol to clear accidents, remove debris, and assist stranded motorists.